#HowWeMet No.1 Chrissy and The Bloke

Chrissy shares her story on how she met The Bloke in today's #HowWeMet. 

"How me and 'The Bloke' met is through a series of unfortunate but ultimately fortunate coincidences.
I'd gone to my mate Pete's gig. After the gig Pete said I'm glad you got chatting to my mate Simon, I thought you'd hit it off. I had (without knowing his name) but I'd also been chatting to another totally random dude, who was also called Simon which I then became friends with purely due to the misunderstanding! A month later Simon (who'd started fancying me in a rather creepy way) innocently introduced me to his mate 'The Bloke'. Although me and 'The Bloke' didn't massively fancy each other at first, we did instantly click with each other and started going out a month later. It turned out 'The Bloke' had known my mate Pete since they were in their teens! He'd even noticed me on the dance floor several times when we'd both been at Pete's gigs. Small world!"

- Chrissy Lowe, Blogger for Manchester Flick Chick

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