LIFE: Where have I been?

Hi lovelies, 
So if you regularly read my blog you may notice I usually have daily posts but since I went on holiday on 23rd April I haven't had a post since, which isn't like me at all!
I needed a break from anything stressful for a few days so I took full advantage of my holiday with my boyfriend and I came back from there on the night of the 27th which was the day before I went back to college. Since then I have been completing my Photography deadline, revising for exams which start very soon and also just having my own time. 
I've been thinking of stopping the daily posts for now because finding inspiration for every single day is quite difficult. Instead I have set days when there will definitely be a post.
Wednesday - a lifestyle post. 
Friday - a beauty post. 
You can probably expect other posts on other days because I am likely to want to post more than two a week! 

I hope you have been well and you can hear all about my Welsh adventure in the next few posts! 

Lots of Love
Jen xo 

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