Anglesey Adventures Volume 1, Part 2

On our second (full) day in the caravan, we got up relatively early (half past 9) and got ourselves dressed and fed. We decided on a walk in Aberffraw, a small village on the south west coast of Anglesey. 
We started off with a walk (and ball throw for the dog) on the sand and we continued walking out to the very end of the sea, thinking there would be a little area to cross to the other side of some water but it turned out there wasn't anywhere dry to cross so we took our socks and shoes off in the rather chilly and cloudy weather, rolled our jeans up and paddled through the water - adventure or what? 
We then walked for what seemed like miles across the edge of a cliff, over rocks and then through some farm lanes and back to the car again. 
We finished the day with an extremely expensive but delicious fish and chips in the caravan, bought from the caravan park! We then got into bed early, watched the soaps and Gogglebox and then hit the hey! 

The day after, again we got up early(ish)! I was a little confused this day as I had no idea where we were going - I thought we were going to a forest but I actually misheard Ellis' mum saying we were going to a place called Beaumaris, which was actually a place that was 'right up my street'. 

It is a dainty, little town with houses in every colour, cute little tea rooms, bakeries and ice cream parlours and boats on the water with a big wheel and a huge castle too! 
We first got a sandwich and cakes from the Castle Bakery and a takeaway latte from Costa!  Me and Ellis then went on the big wheel and saw the gorgeous views of the village! We then decided to go to the 'haunted' prison, which after being told how scary it was by Ellis and his dad it wasn't too scary but it was very interesting! 

We then went on a drive to Menai Bridge, which is a gorgeous bridge over a mucky river. Ellis and his dad made us all cry with laughter as they decided to play on a tree swing in the forest. Ellis then had an unfortunate incident in the toilets in Waitrose when he thought that the emergency cord was actually the flush, and ended up getting a knock on the door from a member of staff! (LOL)
We then finished the walks with a windy visit to Cable Bay to throw a ball about for the dog! We then got back to the caravan and had spaghetti bolognese whilst watching Britain's Got Talent. Me and Ellis then got into bed early again and watched Casualty and then the first episode of Fargo until I was completely drained! 

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Lots of Love
Jen xo


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