Anglesey Adventures Volume 1, Part 1

Hi lovelies, 
So you probably know at the end of April Ellis and I went to stay in his parents caravan in Holyhead on the island of Anglesey in Wales! 

The day of travelling was extremely stressful! Me and Ellis went last minute shopping throughout the day then I had to attempt to pack 4 days of clothing in a surprisingly large bag. We then got the bus into Manchester and due to us thinking we would be getting the tram we actually didn't get to the train station until 15 minutes before our train. The train man then accused us of having fake tickets because our tickets had smudged when being printed and to top off the stressful-ness I dropped my purse with my card, money and train ticket on the way to the platform, luckily a man found it and looked for the owner of the purse so I got it straight back! 

The train journey was lovely, from Chester to Holyhead there was the most gorgeous sunset and I literally fell in love with it. 
We got to Holyhead just before 10 pm and there was a gorgeous harbour outside the station because ferries go over to Ireland from there! We then got picked up by Ellis' dad and taken back through the dark countryside to our caravan! 
Me and Ellis spent the night watching Derek and then an episode of Breaking Bad and then it was time for sleep! 

The next day we woke and had a small breakfast - Weetabix and bananas with milk! We then sat outside with Ellis' mum and dad and the dog, Ruby, and looked at the gorgeous view! I felt so lucky to be in such a beautiful place. Then Ellis' Nana and Granddad arrived with cake and so we sat on the decking with a cup of tea and a Bakewell tart and chatted for an hour or so. After that we headed out on our walk. On the way we saw a couple of gorgeous little beaches and lots of horses and sheep! Me, Ellis and his parents climbed to the top of a cliff and then Ellis' Granddad was very kind and helped me down because I'm not too great with heights! We then walked past this haunted house which actually didn't look too haunted up close, it looked quite pretty infact! We finally reached our destination, Treaddur Bay! It's a gorgeous little beach area with ice cream vans, cafes etc. Me and Ellis bought ourselves some ice creams to have as we strolled down the beach - I had this scrumptious banana and toffee ice cream and it was amazing! We then sat down and chatted to his Nana and Granddad! His mum and dad then came back with sandwiches and drinks so we tucked in, getting ourselves ready for the walk back! 

On the walk home it was all up hill! Plus it was a very hot, sunny day so me and Ellis were sweltering! Nevertheless it was a gorgeous walk and one of the best days of the holiday! Once we got back to the caravan we had sausage and tomato sandwiches made on the BBQ and ate it in the sun, how lovely! Later that night me and Ellis went to the campsite showers for our first showers there and then got back in time to watch the soaps (they are not missed even if I'm holiday!) After watching the soaps we went outside in our pyjamas and sat on a rock and watched the sunset, it was even better than the previous sunset from the travelling! We ended the night watching Breaking Bad again, of course. 

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Lots of Love
Jen xo

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