Hi lovelies! 

My week hasn't been too interesting. 
I became quite ill on Monday evening and spent Tuesday - Friday off college so my days were spent in bed, asleep and watching films and telly. I also ate a lot of biscuits.

Friday night I went to my mums house and we spent the evening watching plenty of telly and eating food. 

Saturday I woke up pretty early because my niece Ella was round. I had a cup of tea and then I had to make my way to my dads house. I had a shower and packed my bag and went to Ellis' house (as we were going to a wedding). Me and Ellis spent the afternoon getting ready and at about 4 we went to the wedding of his cousin. It was my first wedding and I cried whilst she walked up the aisle (not sure how I'm going to get married myself). We then went to the reception until about half 10 and I still managed to get quite drunk (I'm honestly a lightweight I only had a glass of wine and a pint of lager). Me and Ellis did lots of dancing with his family.

Today I woke up and my voice had completely gone (still suffering). Ellis made me breakfast and a cup of tea and we listened to music until I had to go at 3. I got home and had a cup of tea and a toffee crisp and then spent the rest of the day doing catch up work. My week hasn't been too good except for the wedding which was really lovely! 

How was your week? 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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