I haven't enjoyed this week at all. I have been ill throughout; the only time I've enjoyed myself was when Ellis came to look after me. I'm currently so behind with work because of being ill for so long but now it's the Easter Holidays and I have a lot of time to catch up with it - hopefully. I'm pretty excited for the next few weeks as it's a good time to relax but I'm really excited to go to Wales with Ellis from the 23rd until the 27th. We're getting the train there on the Wednesday night because he has college that day so we're going to meet his parents in Holyhead and then we'll head home with them in their car on the Sunday. 

Today is Sunday and I'm just spending the day relaxing, pampering myself and then maybe do a few blog posts, tidy my room and do a little bit of work (probably not).

How has your week been? 

Lots of Love
Jen xo

p.s I tried my first Graze box this week. I ate three of the snacks in one day because they were that good. The picture above is the first snack I ate (Olives in Basil and Garlic) but I also ate the Banana Shortbread Biscuits dipped in Toffee Sauce and the Black Pepper Dippers dipped in Mango Chutney! 


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