Hi lovelies, 
I've actually had a really good week (shock!). I think it is probably due to it being the Easter holidays and being motivated to actually get out of the house. 

Monday me and Ellis got ourselves out of the house and went into my local town. After realising we were skint and there was no need for us to be around shops, we decided to go on a walk to my local country park, Burrs. It was a lovely day, we walked past lots of Rivers, sat on rocks and just strolled through trees. I really do appreciate nature and the calmness around it. 

Tuesday, my dad and I met Ellis in town and went to the cinemas to see Captain America (finally!). It was a great film - I love Superhero movies and especially love the actors who play them - pwoarrrr! We then went back to mine and had a curry and Ellis stayed! 

The day after, Ellis helped my dad out moving stuff around the house and then he went home. I then spent the afternoon being productive - writing blog posts, doing some work. And then I had to pack because I was staying at my mums for a few days as my dad has gone away.

Thursday I got up so early (o.k 7am) and got to my mums at like 9am. I then got myself ready and walked in to town and got the bus to Ellis'. He cooked me scrambled eggs on bagels and made me a nice cup of tea. We had quite a cute day - a spontaneous one where we just have fun and do nice things together. 

On Friday I got to see my nephew, Harry, and my niece, Grace, as they came round to see us before we went to buy Easter eggs. Then I went to Ellis' to help him with his college work and spend some time with him but unfortunately I had a migraine and went to bed at half 6 and then when Ellis came to bed at half 11 I woke up feeling better so we watched Grown Ups 2 in bed. 

On Saturday I woke up to Ellis' dog Ruby lying next to me. Me and Ellis got up and went downstairs around noon and Ellis made me a cup of tea, ham sandwiches and crisps - the boy knows me well! We then spent the afternoon watching Breaking Bad and then I went back to my mums house and spent the night with her! 

Today is Sunday and I'm currently sat with my sister, my niece and my sister's boyfriend. It's Easter Sunday so Happy Easter! I'm having a big breakfast soon and then I'm going to Ellis' to spend the rest of the day at his! 

I'm going to have a life update soon so be sure to check that out! 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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