Praise the lord for PixiWoo being geniuses and inventing these bad boys. I would probably still be that girl who can't apply make up properly if I didn't have these in my life now. The Real Techniques brushes have took the beauty world by storm in the last year or so and every one I know who has an interest in make up has these in their life. 

The first brush I bought was actually the Stippling brush, but I ended up binning it as it just wasn't working for me and a friend had completely ruined it so I had no use for it anymore. 

The next brush I got was the Expert Face brush off a friend for my 16th birthday. At the time I used it for my foundation but then began to not use it for that anymore as it didn't work for me. I now use it to gently tap a highlight on the top of my cheekbones to create a nice shine on my lovely, contoured face!

I then got the Core Collection after a long time lusting over it. I originally just wanted it for the buffing brush because all the Youtubers used it but I've had great use out of all the others too. 

The Core collection first includes the buffing brush. I have used this religiously for my foundation, whether it is the Nars Sheer Glow, Bourjois Healthy Mix or Rimmel 25 Hour - it works well with them all. It is great because it helps create a better coverage and also is great to blend the foundation all over the face. 

The Core Collection also includes the Contour Brush, which started my now routinely contouring. It is a dainty brush so it fits just into the slot in your cheek bones to create a lovely defined face. I am obsessed with this brush. 

The other two brushes I don't use very often now. The pointed foundation brush isn't necessarily great for foundation but I used to use it for my under-eye concealer, however I've now opted for the ring finger technique so this brush has gone back into the draw! 

The detailer brush is great for people who take real care into their lips and have the time to sit and do a great, precise lip, but I'm more of a slap it on and go kind of gal so this wasn't really for me. I did try it though as the red lipstick on the brush shows! 

Last Christmas, my aunty, uncle and cousins were kind enough to buy me two new additions to my collection. The first was the Powder brush! I immediately fell in love with this as it is so fluffy and soft. It picks up a good amount of powder and makes it way around my face pretty well! 

They also bought me the blush brush. I originally used this to give my face a nice bronzed look, however I've actually begun to use it to apply a little blush onto the apples of my cheeks and so far I'm swooning over this new look. 

My latest addition was a quick purchase in Boots a few weeks ago before I headed to my boyfriends to get ready for a wedding. I have only really started to introduce myself into doing eye make up recently as I've never really been too good at it so I needed a decent eye shadow brush to help me do the job. This was about £6/£7 from Boots and it really helped me get a lovely eye look for the wedding. It is the Shading brush. I was going to pick up the Starter Set but I didn't have enough money on me at the time! 

I definitely am going to continue to grow my RT collection! Have you started your collection yet? What brushes do you use? 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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