Hi lovelies!

On Saturday I was kindly invited to attend my boyfriends' cousin's wedding in my local town. I'd never been to a wedding before so it was exciting buying a wedding-y outfit. It took me quite a few hours in Manchester and three trips to New Look but I finally decided on this outfit. I found this dress in Ark for £19.99 which I'd seen a lot of girls wear but oddly I'd only ever seen them wear it with black shoes so I thought paired with white heels this would look quite springy and also quite wedding-y. The shoes were from New Look which I had to end up buying online and paying for next day delivery because I couldn't find them in any New Look's near me! They're not very comfortable but I love how they look - I did however manage from 4-half 10 wearing them but I did look a bit stupid because I wasn't comfortable at all! My coat is from She Inside - it's not the best material but it does the trick and looks quite nice! I didn't actually think it suited this outfit too well and I wanted a lighter colour coat but I ran out of time and money to find one before the wedding! 


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