Today I thought I'd share my MAC lipstick collection with you as they're my favourite lipsticks and I love them! 
I first started to wear MAC when I was 13 and my best friend had Hue, Saint Germain and another lipstick that I can't remember. Me, her and my other friend were all going to a party and all wore a MAC lipstick. From that day my MAC lipstick love began. 

As you can see; it's not the largest collection and it's still growing. I don't just go out and buy lots of lipsticks at once I buy them for a purpose and I put a lot of thought into the ones I want. 

So after loving my friends Saint Germain she ended up giving it to me. It is a barbie pink lipstick with an amplified creme finish which means it's creamy with a bright colour. This doesn't really suit me that well but I kind of try and make it work. I don't wear it too often as it's not really an everyday shade. 

The next one I bought was Russian Red. When I was 14 it was rare for me to have more than £5 on me at any point but one time when I had planned to go into Manchester with my friends I had an urge to go and buy a new MAC lipstick. I really wanted to start wearing red lipsticks because I had just dyed my hair dark brown and I knew that red really suited it. I bought Russian Red which is an intense blue-ish red lipstick with a matte finish. This means it has no shine but has a really good colour pay off but unfortunately they dry out your lips - but I don't mind this because the colour pay off is seriously so good. Blue-toned red lipsticks also makes your teeth look whiter so that's an extra bonus. 

Again when I was 14 I really had the urge to buy myself a purple lipstick. I swatched so many in MAC and eventually settled on Cyber. It's an intense blackish purple lipstick with a satin finish. This means it's a matte lipstick with a little bit of shine - which is perfect for me because I have dry lips so it gives them some moisture. I actually wear a lot out of Cyber, especially if I want to look a little darker. I think dark shades really suit pale faces like mine. 

I think last year I bought myself Lady Danger. I really wanted a new red lipstick and I'd heard a lot of hype over this one so I bought it. It's a vivid-bright coral-red lipstick with a matte finish. So the colour pay off is amazing and it can look great for everyday and for a more glammed up or party look. 

I bought Rebel when I went to a Student Discount shopping night in Manchester last October. I wanted a new lipstick for Autumn and I also needed one for my birthday so I ended up buying this one as I wanted a plummy colour. It is a mid-tonal cream plum lipstick with a satin finish. I really love this lipstick as it moisturises my lips but gives a great colour pay off. It's definitely my favourite one I think. 

I recently realised my lipstick collection is mostly dark shades and I really needed a nice springy shade so I decided I would buy another MAC lipstick. I chose Impassioned which is an amped up fuschia with an amplified finish meaning the pigmentation is high and has a glossy finish, unfortunately it doesn't last too long on the lips. I really like this shade for Spring/Summer. 

I also had Angel which was probably one of my favourite lipsticks too that I bought from Covent Garden when I went to London with school in Year 10. Unfortunately I used this one all up! 

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks? 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


  1. Such a lovely collection! I absolutely love Lady Danger!

    Melissa | Lemonmel

  2. I like your Lipstick-Collection from Mac!

  3. What a great range of colours! :) xx

  4. Those are really pretty colors! I especially like Impassioned. (:


  5. Wow you are a super fan! I hope MAC read this! =)

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