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If you keep up-to-date with my blog I've started a little series about Leeds Festival, sharing my experiences with you all! You can read Chapter 1 here

The second year I went to Leeds, I went with my mum, her boyfriend Stan and my friend Becks. Again, this year we arrived on the Friday but we went very early in the morning. We got our guest tickets and then headed into the guest bar after putting up our tent. That day me and Becks went to see Enter Shikari (quite drunk) where we met two girls that were very drunk too and equally loved Enter Shikari just like me! That night we saw a little bit of Elbow as we walked around and then we watched Muse headline which was absolutely incredible! 

On the Saturday the day started out extremely great as Louis Tomlinson from One Direction (my favourite at the time) walked into the guest area and smiled at us!! I was so shy I didn't even want to ask for a picture so we just assumed he would be back and we could ask then - he wasn't, I was sad. We watched a little bit of The Blackout that afternoon and then I met my mum for a little while and had a few drinks in the guest bar. We finished the night on an incredible note, watching Thirty Seconds to Mars where I nearly passed out, and My Chemical Romance, where I bust my nose in a mosh pit that I created - hardcore since I was 14. 

The Sunday was my favourite day. We watched Seasick Steve and Two Door Cinema Club and then spent the rest of the day in the Festival Republic Tent trying to get a good place for The Midnight Beast who were headlining and were my favourite band at the time! We watched them and my happiness was fulfilled. We then went back to the guest bar and had a few vodka and lemonades. I'd been talking to Ashley and Stefan from The Midnight Beast over Twitter quite a lot before Leeds so I knew they were going to be in the guest bar. After going to the toilet me and Becks came out and gave a little bit of scream when I saw them huddled together with Nick from Hadouken! and some others that I recognised! We went over and I was like "Hi, I'm a big fan, can I have a picture, I don't want to stay long because I don't want to freak you out" - that ironically probably freaked them out. After our pictures, Stefan laughed with us and then sat back down with his friends and we kept talking to Ashley and Dru. Whilst I was speaking to Dru, Ashley said to my friend "Is she Liam Gallagher's daughter?" You can probably guess how excited I was by now, one of my favourite celebrities had just asked if I was Liam Gallagher's daughter! We spent from midnight until 3am speaking to Ashley, Jake the piano player and Marc the dancer! Then they got told that it was time to go so me and Becks excitedly went to sleep! 

My camera broke that year so I didn't have too many photographs but here are the ones I do have! 

Did you go to Leeds 2011? Did you enjoy it? Who did you see? 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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