Hi lovelies, 
You may have noticed I've had a day or two away from the ol' blog! The last few posts had been scheduled as I have so much to do college-wise as tomorrow I'm off to Wales with my boyfriend and his parents and I need to get my entire Photography project finished before then. I thought I'd write this post just to have a little chat really, as I have a few things to share. 
Me and Ellis are off to Wales tomorrow afternoon and although I'm taking my laptop with me, it's unlikely I'm going to be writing any posts whilst I'm there because I really want and need a few days to just relax and spend some quality time with Ellis. I'm unsure right now if there will be any posts scheduled as right now I'm struggling to find the time to even write this! 
In other news, tomorrow is the end of my China Glaze Giveaway so enter today to be in with the chance to win two nail lacquers of your choice!  
I've also been thinking about setting days to write certain posts because due to my exams being in less than a month(!!!) I'm definitely going to be struggling to put up daily posts and this will also be a way for me to organise my posts in beauty, fashion and life order! I haven't currently decided what days these will be on but hopefully soon I'll have a post up deciding that! 

I'm sure you will hear from me soon! 

Lots of Love
Jen xo 


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