Hi lovelies,
I don't think you ever really see the shopaholic side of me on this blog. Recently i've been going crazy on the fashion side and trying to focus less on the beauty side in order to get my spring wardrobe going - it's been hard.
I do love a bit of colour but I thought to myself why buy a load of coloured clothing that I'll find harder to wear and instead get some monochrome pieces because lets be honest monochrome can be 365 days a year if I wanted it to be! 
H+M has been amazing recently. It's so cheap but the clothes are amazing. I already have a couple of dresses from there and I know that they suit me so I ordered this Short Black + White dress and it was only £9.99! I really wanted a skirt too so I bought this Black + White stripey jersey skirt and guess how much that was? £3.99! I'm yet to try them on but I'm excited to wear them! 
And how amazing is New Look at the moment? Especially for Shoes + Boots, they always seem to have a sale on or just great prices already! I bought these Biker Boots because my old ones from River Island are worn out now so I needed a new pair to take to Wales with me. These were £14.99! And the quality of them look really good! They actually look better than my old River Island ones which were £40 so I'm so excited to wear these in Wales! If you've read my OOTD post you would've seen that I bought these White Heels for £22.99 to wear for a wedding the other week. They're not the comfiest shoe, in fact they're probably one of the least comfortable shoes I've ever worn but my opinion on heels comfort-ability will never be positive. They are however extremely pretty and that's why I can get past the uncomfortableness. 

Have you been shopping recently? Tell me what you've bought! 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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