This week hasn't been too great; I've been stressed recently with deadlines and what not.

On Monday, Ellis stayed which made the start of the week pretty good. I got to chill and just spend lots of time drinking tea and watching telly with him.

Tuesday I went into town with my dad for my lunch break, browsed around HMV for a long time and had lunch with him. I enjoy having lunch with my dad because he pays!

Wednesday I finished college at half 12 and so I joined my dad on a trip to Stoke-on-Trent for his University interview! I had to wait 2 hours, with only 5% battery and no food because my dad has the tendency to talk a lot in interviews. Thankfully though he got in and will be starting university in September (when he's 47!).

On Thursday, after a very long day at college, I went to Ellis' house. The night consisted of a bit of homework, chippy and then I got to have the best shower in the world. He then let me go to sleep because I had college the morning after.

Friday, I missed the bus by 1 minute (because of Ellis, obviously!) and had to wait 30 minutes in the cold with him until the next one came. I then felt really ill on the bus because it was so slow. It then made me 20 minutes late for my English lesson. I had a pretty stressful day and was so glad when it was over. I spent that night at my mums, chilling, eating, drinking a few brews, bloggings and watching telly - what we do best really! I love nights in with my mum.

Saturday, the house was sparse so me and mum made the most of it and listened to music very loud, ate pasta and then we walked into our town centre, where I met Ellis. Me and Ellis then went into Manchester for a shopping day (eeeeek!). We popped into a cute little bistro called "Sunshine Bistro" very close to Shudehill. I ordered a Triple BLT for Ellis (but I ate a lot of it), a coke for him and a chocolate (NUTELLA!!!) milkshake - which was delicious and Ellis regretted not buying it. It was a lovely little place and the expenses paid weren't too much. Me and Ellis then headed into the Arndale to look for a wedding outfit for me to wear next Saturday. I ended up buying one from Ark (more on this next week when I do an OOTD). We then went to Paperchase where I bought my mum her card and gift bag for her mothers day presents. We then went to a music shop and I bought my mum the new Elbow CD for mothers day. We then got the metrolink back to where I live. We nipped into my local town and bought my mum some chocolate from Thorntons. We then went back to my mums where my two sisters and their kids were and then my nan and grandad popped over which made the house very hectic. I spent that night with my mum watching lots of television.

Today is Sunday - Mothers Day! I woke up with a cup of tea (made by mum because even on Mothers Day she doesn't relax). I gave her her card and presents, which she loved, and we then listened to lots of music. After getting ready we had a fry up and then we put on more music and dancing all over the living room. We then went to my nans and saw my aunty and cousins and then we went to a pub called The Trackside which is a cute, little pub by the East Lancs railway. I'm now home and I'm going to spend the night doing work and maybe fit a bath in there at some point.

How was your week?

Lots of Love
Jen xo

p.s sorry for the lack of photographs.


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