Hello lovelies!
I'd like to apologise first of all for barely blogging this week! Being a student has it's pros and cons (mostly cons to be honest) and I've been knee-deep in coursework this week.
I love rounding up my week - to be pretty honest I've been pretty happy with the week, it started a little bit 'meh' and has ended pretty good!

 Monday started amazing. After I had my first lesson in college I went into my local town. I posted my recent eBay sale (some Jake and the Neverland Pirate slippers!) and then did me a little bit of shopping! Boots was calling my name and so I leapt at the chance to spend a good 40 minutes in there! I went in there wanting to purchase possibly a lip product and I came out with a Revlon Matte Balm (amazing!!!) and finally bought myself a Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash (also tres tres bien!!!). I then went into Costa and tried a new drink - Caffe Caramella (small bought I could've drank a medium!) and it was so amazing! It's basically a Cappuccino with Caramel syrup and Caramel sauce on top - absolute beauty. I then went back to college for my Photography lesson and then went back into town for my "dinner" with my friends - in all honesty we just bought a sausage roll and then spent half an hour in New Look (I actually spent my money on my boyfriend because I'm a top gf). I was actually meant to meet Ellis after college but he had to go to his aunties so instead I went to pick up my nephew from nursery and took him to the shop and treated him (top aunty).

On Tuesday the weather was dire! This is old news but it really was horrid on this one particular day. After college I went to meet Ellis in Manchester after he had finished college (he goes to a music college there). I bought myself another Caffee Caramella - I obviously couldn't get enough. We then went 'browsing' around Urban Outfitters. We didn't spend long here though but I love spontaneous meetings with my boyfriend.

Wednesday consisted of a short morning at college and then a long afternoon of coursework - I had that one afternoon to get all of my media coursework done - it was torture!

Finally Thursday came and Ellis stayed at mine. We went to a Carvery in my town with my dad and pigged out on lots of meat and lots of roasties! We then got a few puddings to take home with us. A Mars Bar inspired feast that looked very sickly and also a Banana 'crunch' - also very sickly but equally amazing. Me and Ellis then spent the night watching some Breaking Bad (our new fix) and then I fell asleep (typical).

On Friday, Ellis walked me to college and then I spent the day being miserable because I'm not the biggest fan of that place! I met Ellis at my dinner and we sat and talked in the town centre. After college, I went home for a cuppa and packed my bags and then went for a long journey to his house (about 45 mins on public transport I'm a bit of a big exaggerator). We spent the night talking, watching Breaking Bad, eating Chinese, snuggling and being extremely happy - my favourite kind of nights. This night seriously made me so so happy!

On Saturday, me and Ellis spent ages watching Breaking Bad, trying to prevent me from going home. At about half 3 we decided it was late enough to go home and we got the bus back to my house. We then went to my sisters where we ate cake and picked up my nephew and niece with my mum and her boyfriend. We then got taken back to my mums where me and Ellis looked after them both. It's so cute how much they love Ellis! After a sad goodbye (I hate saying goodbye to him even if I am seeing him in two days) me and my mum put the kids to bed. I felt pretty sick that night because I hadn't eaten much. Me and my mum spent the night speaking about Leeds Festival and how excited we were. We ended up booking two double bedrooms and the Leeds City Hilton for that weekend and now we don't have to camp - trying something new this year!

Today is Sunday. I've been awake pretty much from half 6 with the odd nap during the day. I have caught Ellis' cold. I've spent the day in no make up and feeling like crap. I have done so much work but now I am just bleugh and completely not looking forward for college tomorrow. Luckily Ellis is coming to stay again tomorrow which will make the day a lot better.

How has your week been?

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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