Hello lovelies!
I want to begin by saying this is my new 'series' if you may, which I will always do every single Sunday because to be honest I enjoy looking back at the good and bad moments of the week.
This week has definitely been a bit of a 'meh' week. When something good happened, it was followed by something not so great.

Monday, I felt was a pretty good day. It was Sunny - however this wasn't as fab in my eyes seeing as all my clothes are wintery and I'm not yet ready for warmth! It was the day before my friends birthday so I spent my morning break shopping for her in my local town. I wanted to buy her an assortment of things. I ended up nipping into a 'gift' shop called Clintons which is one of the only places near me that sell Yankee candles. I bought her a box of Yankee Candles in a jasmine scent (I think; it was recommended!) I then nipped to Lush and picked up the King of Skin because I knew she wanted it. I then picked her up a Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water because the best way to convince someone to try something you like out is to buy it them for their birthday! My other friend, Rachel, had been down in the dumps and not very well recently so I wanted to get her something to cheer her up. I didn't have much money to spend so I nipped into Thorntons and bought her a little chocolate bar and got her name written on it and a smiley face - it seemed to make her pretty happy! That night was pretty exciting. The Leeds and Reading final headliner was announced, plus various other acts and that really got me ecstatic! One of my favourite bands A Day to Remember were announced and I genuinely had tears streaming down my face - quite sad really. I then got to finish my article and send it to the website that was getting it published and it got published the next day! (If you haven't already you can check it out here captureyournite.com )

Tuesday wasn't that great. I realised that I actually don't have that many friends because I had nobody to go to a university convention thingy majig from my college so that left me a little down in the dumps. I remember meeting my dad for lunch and just feeling pretty crap and wanting to just quit college, because I'm not actually enjoying it as much as I was previously (stress, lonely, too much). To top the day off I had to sit for an hour and a half for Photography in SILENCE. This annoyed me because it's my favourite lesson because Rachel and I always have a good laugh.

Wednesday I got to stay off college due to the university convention. I decided to take advantage and had a lye in until midday - lazy! I then spent the day doing work and writing blog posts.

Thursday was a mixture of good and bad. Good because date night. Bad because parents evening (!!!!) Parents Evening wasn't too bad, all comments made to my dad weren't as bad as I expected.
Date night was amazzzzzzing! I love spending time with Ellis and I especially love how we've started going to the cinema more and more (not quite loving the expense but I can cope). Me and Ellis both have a love for fast, supercars - my favourite is a Bugatti Veyron - so we went to watch Need for Speed. I am now obsessed with the female actress Imogen Poots (she also starred in That Awkward Moment). She is gorgeous, British and reminds me just of myself (personality wise, not looks unfortunately). Aaron Paul (from Breaking Bad) was also bloody amazing in the film. Me and Ellis both left the cinema and spent the entire 15 minute walk home just talking about how good it was - it was a hit.

Friday was pretty boring. I spent my night in my pyjamas, reading blogs and watching telly with my mother.

Me and Ellis planned to go on a walk to take some photos for my Photography coursework but due to the wind we just couldn't be bothered! We decided to go for lunch somewhere (See my OOTD post for more on this) but spent the afternoon sat inside Costa inside Tesco. I tried my first Chai Latte and I'm not a fan. Me and Ellis spoke for what felt like hours about life and 'stuff'. I love our chats. He treated me to a gorgeous bunch of pink Roses that I adore! We then went back into town to meet my mum and Stan who were with my rebellious three year old nephew, Harry. He loves seeing Ellis and always wants to spend as much time with him as possible. We then got a lift back to my mums with them, where we were joined with my two older sisters and my two nieces Grace and Ella. We spent the afternoon just talking, drinking tea and playing with the kids. I love spending time with family, especially when Ellis can be there too. Harry actually said to Ellis something like "You're my big brother Ellis", which I think is absolutely adorable. Ellis has definitely had an impact on Harry's life - whenever I see Harry he will ask where Ellis is.

Today I am not so great. I've been ill all morning and I've spent the day moping around, watching telly, doing work and trying to eat a bit of food along the way.

I wonder what next week will bring! How has your week been?

Lots of Love
Jen xo

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! The weathr has prtty much been all over the place, it's made me pretty ill too, waah! x