Happy is the best feeling in my opinion. I love being cheered up. I love positivity. I love being loved and thought of. I love loving and thinking of others.
I love talking of things that make me happy so I thought I'd share this with you - things that make me happy. This is in no particular order.

Loved Ones
Whenever I'm down the people that instantly lift my mood are those close to me. My boyfriend is also my best friend and he knows me inside out. He knows how to instantly put a smile on my face. Just talking to him makes me happier. My mum and I always have a heart to heart every Friday night when I stay at her house. She gives the most amazing advice. I love spending time with my dad, just watching telly or something random like that. He is such an odd fella but that's what makes him great. Whenever I'm down I like to visit my sisters too. They're probably my best friends as well, we've gotten so close since they both became mums. Whenever I'm down my nephew and my nieces cheer me up. My three year old nephew instantly knows when I'm down and he will always make me laugh! I also love to see my Nonna and Nonno. They're the most cutest grandparents I could wish for and my Nonna always makes sure I'm well fed (an Italian trait I've noticed).

Music lifts any mood. I am a rocker and I love my rock and heavy music, it always makes me happier. Mostly because I listen to songs that have great meanings behind the lyrics and they're very sentimental to me. My favourite band is Foo Fighters and their music means the most to me. 

Dave Grohl
Very random to some people I guess  but Dave Grohl makes me so happy! He is the lead singer for Foo Fighters. He is so talented as a musician and a director! He makes me really appreciate rock music. He's such a lovely guy too and I will always be proud of this man! 

Tea makes me very happy. I live for tea! I'm not overly keen of all these flavoured teas, herbal teas or spiced tea - I am a regular tea lover (Yorkshire/Lancashire/Tetley) the type with milk and sugar. It instantly makes me warmer and much happier. 

Photography is a great passion of mine. I love the feeling of getting a really good image and just being like "wow that's brill!" and feeling overly proud of myself. I love taking close up and landscape photography. 

Although I've only recently started blogging more often I really enjoy it! I love getting things off my chest or writing about things I love. I love the opportunities it brings too! I'm very proud of my little blog. 

It may be sickly, but it's good. Chocolate my not work well with my bowels in particular (TMI I know) but it sure works well with my taste buds! I love pigging out on it when I'm just feeling down in the dumps, it's not a good thing to do but it works as a medicinal way of treating sadness. 

Baths are my method to relaxation and to happiness! I particularly love Lush Bath Ballistics and Bath Melts as they allow my skin to feel nourished, the bath looks pretty and they're so much fun! Thank you Lush for your inventions.

Cute Messages
My day is always ten times better when I wake up to a cute, surprise message from my boyfriend. He does this pretty much every night because I always go to sleep before him and I always wake up happy thanks to him!

I'm a sucker for a surprise. Ellis is rubbish at letting presents and stuff be a surprise, it's so easy to get them out of him! But sometimes he will just randomly surprise me with something small like a bath bomb or some nail polish - something cute that I will really love and that really brightens my day.

Money may not physically be able to buy happiness (pretty impossible as happiness is a feeling) but it can buy a lot of the things that make me happy. I'm usually down when I don't have any money in the bank and I'm usually very happy when I have money in the bank - so I love money, and money makes me happy. No shame.

Applying Make Up
I hope I'm not the only person that feels relaxed applying make up. I just love the transition of before and after applying it and how beautiful it can really make you look. Yay for make up.

Nice Scents
I love smelling nice things. I love the smell of baking. I love the smell of flowers. I love the smell of bacon. Just nice smelling things make me smile.

Although I don't eat enough of it, I love fruit! I love how colourful it is, how healthy it is and how tasty it is! My favourite fruit are strawberries and grapes! Yum, yum!

A Roast Dinner
In my house we hardly ever have a roast, but when we do it's amazing! It's literally my favourite meal ever and I could eat roast potatoes all day long. Mmm. (realised most of these are food related).

Up until last year I hardly ever went on holidays. When my mum and dad were together I used to go to Italy all the time to visit family, but when they split up we stopped going. I went to Portugal once with my mum and sister. I've been to Paris with my primary school. I've been to Dublin, London and Brighton. Last year I started going on holidays again and I went to Wales to stay in Ellis' family caravan with him, his mum, dad and his dog! It's such a cute holiday and I went last Spring, Summer and Autumn. I'm returning there in Easter, Summer and probably Autumn again! I can't wait! I'm also going to London with Ellis in August and Brighton with him and my dad. I also plan to go to Lanzarote with all of my mums side of the family next January, as well as Ellis!

Leeds Festival
I started going to Leeds Festival when I was 13 and I have been 4 times in total, this year will be my fifth year. I get a guest ticket each year meaning I have access to the guest bar and nice toilets. It's probably my favourite time of year because I get to listen and watch loads of amazing bands, drink and eat rubbish and spend time with amazing people. I'm looking forward to seeing Arctic Monkeys, Blink 182, Of Mice and Men, YMAS and Jake Bugg this year.

Shopping is my go-to pick-me-up when I have money and I am down. I love just spending and spending. I was ill the other day and I ended up buying some shoes, a lipstick, nail polish and a CD for Ellis. I love spending money and I wish I had more of it.

Soft Skin
That feeling when I've got out of the shower after using my Nivea In Shower Moisturizer or when I've shaved my legs in a Melting Snowman Lush Bath - amazing. I feel so feminine clean and amazing when I've got soft skin.

Playing Xbox
Surprising. Random. Yes I know. I don't own an Xbox but Ellis does. Unfortunately he sold his Xbox 360 for the Xbox One so I can no longer spend hours on end running over people on GTA V (my way of releasing laughter) but I now enjoy watching Ellis play Battlefield 4 which is almost as good as GTA.

My boyfriend has nice big arms that are very warming so he gives the most amazing cuddles. I love his cuddles especially when I'm down because they make me feel so protected. Aw.

Film/Telly Days
Sometimes I just like to do nothing and sit in all day watching random series online or watching a good chick flick. Perfect for when ill.

Sleep is great. As long as I don't have a nightmare that is. I love having great dreams though, mine are usually interesting. I always feel much better once I've had a good kip!

Dressing Up
No I don't mean fancy dress. I just mean getting all pretty for a night out or a meal or something special. I love all the effort that goes into it. My favourite time that I dressed up was when I went to prom, so much preparation went into that night!

Only in the past year I've started to love candles. Ellis has bought me two Yankee candles for my birthday and Christmas and they smell so nice! I love how pretty they are too.

So that ends the things that make me happy, other things probably do I just can't think of anymore! What makes you happy? Comment below!

Lots of Love

Jen xo


  1. Wow, what an amazing post! Your writing is so nice that I couldn't stop reading. Xx alessia

    1. Aw thank you so much!! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it! :) xx

  2. This is a lovely post. I think we all get so busy and stressed with every thing around us, we all forget how to just do the things that make us happy. Even if it's a small and simple things like sleeping routine and lighting candles, it makes a huge difference, you're right! x

    1. So true - the little things are the best things in my opinion! Thanks for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed it! x