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So a couple of weeks ago I went into Lush to spend the last few pounds I had left on my gift card. I honestly had no idea what to buy and I only had £4 so I knew it couldn't be a huge bath ballistic or some skincare so after sniffing everything they had for under £4...twice, I opted for this cute little bath melt! 
This smells so delicious and because it's marshmellow-y it reminds me of being warm around a bonfire and I think that's such a lovely feeling to have whilst having a bath because initially when you're bathing you want to feel warm and cosy! 
This melt is a lovely size, it's not huge but it's a nice size for a bath melt. 
Just like all of the lush products there isn't a huge selection of ingredients (which is a good thing because it means 1) there isn't a long list of ingredients to read 2) you know that there isn't a lot of rubbish going onto your skin - chemicals). The main ingredients are Citric Acid, Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil, Water, and Marshmallow Powder. The addition of almond oil and cocoa butter is always a good thing because it means you'll come out of the bath feeling goddess-like because your skin will be so soft! That's my favourite thing about Lush products!

So I add the bath melt once my bath is half full, but I continue to add more and more hot water. When I first added the melt the bath goes a milky sort of colour. 
It looks quite dirty here for some reason but it was a brighter shade of milk!

By the time I got into the bath it had added lots of bubbles!! I love bubbles they make the bath far more enjoyable! When I was in the bath the scent was lovely and strong - I am a big fan of nice smells so this was a massive bonus! 

I left my bath feeling nourished, relaxed and clean (always a bonus guys!) If I had to slate anything it would be that I was expecting it to make the bath pink because I love coloured baths! But honestly it was a pretty great product and I will definitely re-purchase in the future! 


You can buy this product here for just £3.95! 

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