As you are probably aware of by now if you're a long-term follower of my blog - I love a good bath. And you will also probably be aware I am an avid follower of Lush. I find it so hard to resist going in and a couple of weeks back (excuse the delay) Ellis treated me to a cute little lush product that is more than what it looks like.

With Lush products they can be messy and the Golden Egg is definitely up there in one of the messiest I've used but who cares when you relax in a gorgeous bath and come out feeling like Aphrodite (I hope my 11/12 year old days of Classical Civilization have just paid off and I have actually just stated a name of a goddess and I haven't just made that up).

The Golden Egg is a messy, golden, glittery egg of goodness. I honestly bought this thinking it will just be a bath bomb - I hadn't realised that the outer layer was a bath melt consisting of Cocoa Butter which is my faaaave because my skin feels delicious for absolutely ages! After that has melted it bobs up in the bath and fizzes making bubbles, glitter and a little bit of a golden tint to the water. The scent was lovely, maybe not what I expected but still great! This product leaves a mess in your bath and your body is glittery afterwards but if you're up for a good clean and just a way of relaxing your body and softening your skin then I recommend this product.


You can buy the Golden Egg here for just £3.50 - hurry it's an Easter Special!


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