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The last time, and only time, I went to France (Paris to be exact) was when I was 11 and I went with school. When I was 11 I was prancing about on Heelies and the closest I got to beauty and fashion was dressing and making up my Sims throughout my childhood addiction of Sims 2 (I still love it). I had never in my life heard of a cleanser, make up remover or the brand Bioderma so what I'm trying to say is when I went to Paris when I was 11, I didn't buy Bioderma cleansing water.

Since then I have not visited France, or been able to get my hands on a full bottle of Bioderma. However, last year a friend visited France and she bought herself a bottle of it so I got the pleasure of trying it and wow I remember it being absolutely amazing! I never thought I'd be able to find a product like this for a bargain price and that was accessible in the UK.

Although Bioderma is now accessible in the UK, it's expensive and postage is also expensive.
I'd heard of this Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water over the blogging community and I definitely needed to try it, seeing as this year is the year of my 'new skin' (I hope anyway).

I looked online to find out where was selling it cheapest and I found out that Superdrug was selling it for only £3.32!!! What a bargain! I went in one day before college to find it but it was out of stock, so on Sunday when my mum decided she needed shopping therapy we popped into Superdrug and she bought it for me!

The first thing that made me love this product was how big the bottle is! I expected it to be half the size it is! It's a great sized bottle and worth every penny!
I have tested this a few times now to take off my make up and I am over the moon with it. I can take off my entire days worth of make up with just one cotton pad of the water because it doesn't dry up quickly and seeing as I wear a lot of make up daily I think that's amazing.

I would definitely recommend this product!


Buy it here for just £3.32.


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