At the moment I am seriously loving my media lessons. We cover so many topics that I have realised I have strong opinions over. This week we're doing "Representations of Body Image + Issues In the Media".
I am actually appalled at how much manipulation is done to images. I don't understand why brands feel they need to manipulate something so much anyway. Fair enough change the brightness and contrast, but is there any need to change someones face or body so harshly? No wonder women and girls these days aren't confident about themselves. I remember when being stick thin was the 'way a woman should be'. I remember getting told by mum that just because Victoria Beckham is a size zero doesn't mean I need to be a size zero. Now apparently having big boobs, a big bum, a flat belly and long legs is the way a woman should be. What the hell is wrong with society? I think it's fine to admire somebody and the way they look but the way the media publishes this is ridiculous. Now-a-days we get 12 year old girls hoping to get a Kim Kardashian figure. Really? Is that what 12 year old girls want to do these days? 

I honestly don't think any size is 'ugly'. Whether you're slim, curvy, tall, short - women should be able to embrace what they have already without feeling like they're being judged. Up until 2012 I really hated my body. All of my friends around me would be a lot thinner than me, plus they were taller and I always felt like the 'frump'. I would always be the girl that never got a boyfriend. The girl that never got an invite to parties. My friends (who were already really slim) would take these dieting pills at one point, which made them really drowsy all the time - and guess who didn't take them? Me, the frump. The funny thing is I lost a lot of weight in 2012 after just feeling like crap and that was a really bad point of my life and I wish it never happened because I was basically losing the weight for other people and not for myself. I was happy eating chocolate all the time and I guess I gave that up in return for a bit of attention. After losing weight I got invited to parties, I got attention off other people but I still felt like shit. Until I met Ellis I hated my body. I have so many imperfections. Ellis doesn't hate anything about my body at all though and that's what I don't get. We look at ourselves and notice every single bit of us that's 'wrong'. For example I have a mole on my chin that for years I've wanted gone. Since being with Ellis though I've just not cared about it. How is that fair? Spending like 5 years hating yourself and your body and then one person can change that opinion you have on yourself.

We should all feel beautiful in our own bodies. This is why I love make up. I see absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to use make up and fashion to make ourselves feel better. Make up is like my best friend. It compliments my best features and hides the parts I hate. And fashion is for everyone - not just for Size 8 tall girls! That's what people don't understand - there are nice clothes for every shape. My mum is forever feeling like she doesn't look 'nice' because she feels fat. My mum is not ugly, she just hasn't got a clue how to dress her body. Experiment with your body. Try everything on! See what suits you best and just go out and buy it! Play around with make up - dramatic eyes, contoured cheeks or bold lips always make me feel a lot happier about myself. 

I'd like to apologise if this post didn't make sense to you all or if I sounded like I was just being totally random - I was! I like a good rant now and again and today something genuinely outraged me. I hope you feel happy in the bodies you've already got. If anyone needs someone to talk to feel free to drop me an email jenfarnell3@gmail.com I will respond to them all! 

Lots of Love
Jen xo 


  1. love!

  2. i like this post - I work in the industry and often like to hear opinions about the women portrayed x

    1. the fact is the women that are usually in the eye of the media are already pretty enough, sometimes I just think it's really unnecessary to edit so much! glad you like it! x

  3. So true! I still sometimes feel a little 'different' when I see girls with the perfect sizes, but now that I'm older I tend to care alot less. Hence why I absolutely love make up aswell ! Make up suits anyone and the choices are endless!