I'm sat writing this with a cup of tea, chilling, listening to Elbow with the most special woman in my life - the one who gave birth to me over 17 years ago!
That's what I love about my mum; she just likes to chill, listen to music and talk to me. She loves reading my blog and hearing all of my ideas for it; she's been so supportive about it.
Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a bad relationship with your mother. I have the best relationship with my mum - she's understanding, she's laid-back but not too laid-back, she's supportive, she's a great listener. That's only a few of the good things about her.
I wanted to write a blog post dedicated to my mother because she is amazing!
My Mum
  1. is a huge Foo Fighters fan - just like me! 
  2. favourite colour is purple. 
  3. loves a good lipstick - one of her faves is Saint Germain by MAC.
  4. loves hearts.
  5. has been to Leeds Festival 7/8 times.
  6. has seen Foo Fighters live many times (very jealous).
  7. enjoys cups of tea. 
  8. hates coconut. 
  9. likes most foods - she isn't too picky! 
  10. is half Italian. 
  11. was born in Cyprus. 
  12. gives amazing advice.
  13. loves fairies.
  14. speaks to angels for advice. 
  15. has three daughters. 
  16. has three grandchildren. 
  17. is very loving.
  18. is a great friend.
  19. loves a glass of wine. (or twelve). 
  20. loves Creme Eggs.
  21. loves to put her feet up, watch the soaps and have a good brew. 
  22. loves to dance.
  23. just got a new job!!!! 
  24. surprised me with a Marc Jacobs perfume for Christmas and made me very happy.
  25. is always there to cry to. 
  26. lets me tell her everything and anything. 
  27. is currently cooking me a fry up. 
  28. has a scary obsession with Buddhas.
  29. loves rock music.
  30. finds doing jigsaws therapeutic. 
  31. likes to play those naff Facebook games.
  32. is the best mum in the world.

These are just a few things about my mum that are random but amazing.
Love my mother hen. 

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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