Monthly Favourites / February 2014

Hello lovelies!

This month I haven't had a new beauty product that has popped out to me - I've kept my make up routine the same as it has been for a while.
I thought I would make this months favourites just a random few things that I've been loving.

This month I bought a brand new pair of boots because my old ones were over a year old and worn out. I bought these gorgeous chunky biker boots from New Look and they were only £23! They're really sturdy boots and they look great with most of my outfit, oh and they add height so I don't look so small anymore! At first they really hurt but once I got used to them they're really comfy.

My New Look biker boots that you can buy here and they're only £17 now!  

For Christmas my mum bought me Dot by Marc Jacobs perfume because it was my favourite of them all! I love the bottle - red is one of my favourite colours and the shape is so gorgeous, all of the perfume bottles are! The scent is gorgeous but I am honestly hopeless at describing scents so I'll just make it your job to smell it yourself.

Dot by Marc Jacobs - you can buy it here for £50 

For Valentines Day my boyfriend bought me the cutest presents but my favourite was the teddy and the mug. I love teddies and Ellis sprayed it with his aftershave which is one of my favourite scents. It's so cute and cuddly! He also bought me an amazing mug which is my perfect shape and size - just enough tea fits!

Far left is my new teddy and far right is the new mug! 

This month, instead of spending my nights watching soaps, I embarked on watching marathons online of Luther, Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Jersey Shore. I love British Crime Dramas so Luther was right up my street - it's about different crime scenes each week - WARNING some can be quite scary, especially Season 3!
I'm a huge fan of reality television but I used to focus on the British ones because I live there. However, I have become a huge fan of Kim Kardashian recently because she's gorgeous and I wanted to know way more about her and her family. I love watching it now and I've watched every single season finally! My favourites are Kylie and Kendall Jenner because they're nearer my age and so gorgeous!
I've also started to watch Jersey Shore because my boyfriend recommended it and to be honest it's great. It's way more interesting than Geordie Shore because I think the cast aren't as fake! I'm currently on Season 4 and my favourite is Snooki as she's small just like me, haha!

Make Up wise I've enjoyed dressing up for my mum's friends party. I decided to go very dramatic that night. I did a very heavy base which I love doing but it uses so much product - booo:( I did dramatic eyes using pinks, browns, blacks and a purple glittery liner. I contoured my cheeks using my Nars Laguna which is amazing for contouring and I love a good contour because it makes my face look so much more defined! On my lips I made use of MAC Rebel which topped the look perfectly because it matched my eyes!

My make up look for a 50th this month. 

What have your monthly favourites been?

Lots of Love
Jen xo

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  1. I love the shoes, when I saw them on New look I had to quickly grab them, love the Marc Jacobs perfume too, great post :) xx

    1. The boots are amazing aren't they! Especially for the price! And really comfy too :) Thanks for reading :) xx