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If you don't already know, I am Leeds Festival goer and have been for four years now and I tend to be until I run out of reasons why I have to go (never).
The music festival season is slowly approaching and I thought it would be a brill idea to reminisce on the years I've been there. I can remember each festival like it was yesterday - I have a great memory when it comes to things I want to remember.
WARNING: These may be pretty long because I have a pretty large amount of things to share.

My first Leeds Festival was in 2010. My mum (very cool and fabulous mother hen) had already been going to Leeds for a few years as she gets free, guest tickets from work each year. She knew how much alike I was to her and thought it would be a brill idea to let me come with her that year. She brought her friend Janice and I got to bring my friend Natalie. At the time I was a 13 year old, slightly 'chavvy' girl, with awful music taste and an even worse fashion sense (a pre-warning before you see the pictures). I was most excited to see 'Giggs' (HAHAHAHHAHAAHAHA, yes I'm laughing too - I was most excited to see a GRIME MUSIC ARTIST AT A ROCK FESTIVAL - the shame.) - I even made my own t-shirt with loads of Giggs lyrics on it hahahahaa. This is amusing. 

We arrived to the festival on the Friday (first day of music) via Janice's lovely auto-mobile (car). Our car park wasn't too far from our camp but still a mighty trek for a stumpy, short gal like myself. We got our wristbands (guest of course;)) and we went through security (they're actually always lovely in guest) and then we went to set up our tents. I am hopeless when it comes to setting up tents so I left all this to the other three and just stood there taking in the festival fresh air (I swear it's so much different to normal air!). 
Dressed in our fabulous 'Giggs' vest tops, courtesy of t-shirt pens and Primarni, we made our way through the fabulous festival arena. The first thing we wanted to do was go on a ride so we chose the Waltzers and that soon became my go-to festival ride. I then remember us going to see Giggs and I bloody loved it! We also saw the Darwin Deez before them and I thought they were pretty mint, although I've hardly listened to them since! We then made our way to the Main Stage where Dizzee Rascal was playing and this excited me because the Main Stage is where the true festival mayhem is! Plus the weather was amazing! After a bit of a break to eat some very unhealthy food we went to the NME stage because the 'noise' sounded exciting. Enter Shikari were half way through an act and although I'd heard of them before I'd never actually listened to them and to my surprise I really liked them and I think this is where my 'hardcore/screamo' music taste began because now I LOVE them! We then stayed for Pendulum which was unreal and such a fun set to be involved in and a drunken man danced crazily and it was all very fun. We then went back to our tent for a cold night sleep. - I forgot to mention I also saw 30H!3 that day and they were amazing!!

We then woke up extremely warm because of the sun! I was literally sweating! We got ourselves dressed and headed into the Guest Bar for some breakfast and coffee. We then all headed out to the Main Stage to watch some All Time Low who I then began to love (strangely). After that was You Me At Six who me and Natalie LOOOOVED! (I still bloody do). They were amazing and an old woman was stood in front of me in the crowd with ear plugs in. During the crowd surfing me and Natalie chickened ourselves out of the crowd and got taken over the barriers where a security guard said "How many pies have you eaten?" as he lifted me - charming! Me and Natalie then ran from the rain that had broken out on us and chilled in our tent for an hour or so where we listened to Limp Bizkit, Cypress Hill and Weezer - I regretted this because I wanted to see them all! After that we went into the guest bar where the best thing ever happened! I saw a man who looked like he could be in a band and I was like "yo are you in a band" (I probably said something way uncooler) and he hid his band pass and said "no" so I said "can I have a picture with you anyway" he was like "ok". My mum drunkenly was like "SO WHAT BAND ARE YOU IN?!?!!?" This 'man' goes "I'm just in a LITTLE BAND called YOU ME AT SIX"! I WAS ONLY BLOODY GETTING A PICTURE TAKEN WITH MATT BARNES THE BASSIST FROM YOU ME AT SIX! AND I DIDN'T EVEN RECOGNIZE HIM! I cried and screamed a lot and scared him away but he was awesome! We then headed out back to the Main Stage and watched Paramore, which unfortunately weren't on top form that year! We then watched some Blink 182 who I actually didn't know many songs of at the time but now am a huge fan of. That night we went to the guest bar where we met Darren from Hollyoaks (!). My mum also met with a man who was the drummer of an irish band called Blood and Whiskey but I wasn't so keen on them so I opted out of partying with them and spent the night partying with Nat. 

The next day was the last day. We were v.sad. I wanted to be a cat again that day and so I forced Nat to paint my face with all my eyeliner and glitter. I didn't know too many bands that day so most of the day was spent exploring. We watched Billy Talent who my cousin introduced me too a few years before and I really enjoyed watching them! We then went to watch a band called The Midnight Beast who I then became obsessed with (and have met various times - I'm a massive fan girl!). We then wanted to end the night 'with a bang' only we did the opposite. We went to see a band called LCD Soundsystem, who I presumed was something like the equivalent to Nero - only they weren't and I was disappointed. We decided to abandon LCD Soundsystem and instead walked over to the Main Stage where I found my mum, wet through, looking glum because she was alone. She was rather happy to see us because now she had 'friends' to see Guns and Roses with. Although Axl Rose was a pain in the ass that night they did put on a spectacular show and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 

That's pretty much where the weekend ended because we grabbed all our stuff and shoved it in the car and then went back home and fell asleep. 

Here are some pictures from 2010: 

Did any of you go to Leeds Festival in 2010? Comment below!

Make sure you continue to read my Leeds Festival Series, I have a lot more to share! 

Lots of Love
Jen xo 


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