Round Up #1

Oh lucky you, another blog post!
I'm currently creating (in my head) ideas for more regular blog posts. I'm trying to be more organised - failing evidently, but I wanted to blog a lot more and therefore have some routine in my blogging.
I really like talking about my life and ME, without sounding to up my own back side but blogging really is about talking about yourself at the end of the day.
I thought that doing a round up would be a good way of discussing my month. I've chosen a monthly round up as opposed to a weekly one as my weeks only really consist of college and then maybe something good at the weekend.

SO. I'm a bit late but here is my January Round Up.

I started January with a bang. And also very drunk (a shot of Jack Daniels and a copious amount of Rose really did go to my head very quickly). I spent New Years Eve with my boyfriend, his family and their friends in a country pub not far from them. The night included loud music, alcohol and food that I don't quite remember because I drank too much. That night made me realise alcohol needs to be cut down on nights out and that's where my drinking ban begun. I decided I would 'never drink again' from then on. However I've realised that won't happen seeing as I will actually be legal to drink alcohol this year and so the temptation will be too hard to resist, so I've just cut down a lot and I haven't drunk any alcohol since New Year.

I then went back to college to suffer the pain of deadlines, exams and teachers I cannot stand. I've been naughty since I started back at college and my attendance has cut down a lot, sometimes because I just can't be bothered going to do something I don't enjoy but mostly because I've genuinely been ill. I had a 'severely bad cold' (drama queen or what?) for at least 3 weeks and I just couldn't bring myself to go in. Which then when I went back to college made me realise that I had a LOT of work to catch up on equalling an extremely stressed Jennie.

At the end of January I had my mock exams. I thought I'd done really badly but I managed to scrape C's and D's in them all which for an AS student is quite good for a mock exam. I also had a lot of deadlines which was stressful but I coped.

My mum and sister's birthday was also in January. My mum took a well-deserved holiday with her boyfriend for her 50th which was cute but I missed her so much. My sister's birthday consisted of stress because I had to go and buy her a cookie from Millies cookies (a family tradition), I got locked out of my house and I had to try and time my visit for the same time as my other sister. My nephew spent the day of my sisters birthday going "I want it to be my birthday. It's my birthday". I bought my sister a Bayliss and Harding bath set and I bought my mum a swarvoski purple heart necklase from Warren James.

January was rather boring and I'm not a huge fan of the month so that opinion definitely did not change this year. February has been good so far but more on that at in a few weeks!

I apologise for the lack of photos on my recent posts, I promise more colourful posts soon!

Lots of Love

Jen xo


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