My Boyfriend

Hello there! I haven't blogged in a while. Why? I have had a copious amount of coursework to do - the banes of being a 17 year old AS Student studying Media and Photography. If you're a regular reader of my blog then you will have noticed my new design! I found a website called that I am using for my Photography coursework and I love it! I thought I would have a play around on Photoshop and try and create a new design that really grabs my personality and it's very girly so in my opinion it does! Oh and if you're not a regular reader then 'Hello new friend!' 

When I read blogs I like to know so much about the blogger, especially when it comes to relationships - I like to know all about their life! I thought it would be a nice idea to write a post about my boyfriend, Ellis. I spend the majority of my time with him so I thought a post dedicated to him would be fitting. 

Where did it all begin?
So in December 2012, Myself and Ellis were both invited to a friend's party. She used to go to my school but transferred to his so the party was a mixture of both schools. We both were invited to a group chat with everyone else that was going and Ellis was very flirty, and the only person in the chat that I had my eye on! (Apologies for any cringy-ness)
Me and Ellis got talking over Facebook and I definitely enjoyed speaking to him so I was excited to meet him at the party. When he arrived I was unfortunately under the influence of alcohol but in a way that was good because it made me want to speak to him even more. We kissed that night. I realised that he was nothing like any other boy I've ever met. I expected him to see me once at a party and then never speak to me again - that's what most boys I had ever known had done. But when he had left the party straight away he was messaging me on Facebook to make sure I was okay and that I got home safely. 

The first night we met - having a ball!

The next day he continued to speak to me. This day changed my life forever. He suddenly asked me to be his girlfriend. Oh yeah smooth ol' Ellis was probably thinking 'I've met her now once she'll love me already she'll be my girlfriend after one night'. This had never happened before and that's why I was intrigued so I said yes, I'd give it a shot - it was worth a try! 

A few days later I met Ellis in my town and we sat in McDonalds (VERY CLASSY I KNOW) and ate burgers, drank milkshakes and just talked all night. I met his mum that night and she was lovely. She dropped me home and he kissed me again that night. I think that's when I was thinking - this will be good. 


After that I learnt so much more about him - he's just like me! He was kind, hilarious and emotional too! I definitely found all of the previous attractive and my liking for him kept growing each day we spoke or each time we saw each other. 
A few weeks after meeting it was Christmas and he actually bought me a Christmas present! He already knew me so well - he bought me a signed Dave Grohl picture. I thought that was so sweet and it really showed how well he knew me already. 

So freakin cool!

I fell in love with him quickly. Definitely within a month. Probably even just a couple of weeks. If you believe that 'people can't be in love at a young age' then I will challenge your belief because I definitely was in love and I still am. 

Since then we have had so many memories! 
- Our first valentines day: We went to a park near us and then we went back to my house for dinner. 

Valentines Day Numero 1

Valentines Numero 2

- We went on holiday to Wales three times within 2013 - my new favourite place to go. 

Wales 1
Wales 2
Wales 3

- I've been to gigs with him and I've been to Leeds Festival with him!

- He saw me before I went to prom and called me his princess. (I like being a princess)

Before my prom :) 

- We've spent birthdays together and spoilt each other rotten!

My 17th :) 

- We have become huge parts in each others lives and we are a part of each others family. 
Ellis and Harry :) 

Ellis and Grace :) 

Why I love him? 
- He makes me feel like the most special girl in the world.
- He is my best friend and also my boyfriend.
- He makes me laugh.
- He says I'm beautiful when I look my worst.
- He doesn't mind my feet!
- He gives me little surprises that mean the world to me.
- He gets on with all of my family, especially my nieces and nephews who also adore him. 
- He has become my dad's best friend which means so much to me.
- He protects me.

New Years Eve 2013

Random Facts about Him: 
- He is an amazing drummer and goes to a music college!
- He loves rock music and his favourite band is Green Day.
- He can also play the guitar.
- He wants to get lots of tattoos. 
- He has nice arm muscles, a great back and a lovely beard - thankyou Ellis. 
- He has a dog called Ruby and two cats: Bam and Felix!
- He is an animal lover.
- He is fascinated by pigeons.
- He can sing but he will deny it. 
- He is the most talented person I've ever met.
- He is a true romantic.
- He is gorgeous and amazing and my superhero. 


I hope you enjoyed reading about my boyfriend, I enjoyed writing about him!

Lots of Love 
Jen xo


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