February 2014

So it's that time of the month (not my period) - the last day!
February...It hasn't been very exciting. It's usually a lot more exciting because Pancake day usually happens but that didn't happen this year.

I think the point it got exciting was Valentines day. February the 14th - I spent the day at college, but it was my last day until half term! I then went to Ellis' house to stay over, carrying his presents and lugging a load of strawberries and chocolate around. We spent the night making chocolate covered strawberries, eating Spaghetti, playing Xbox and watching a film - my perfect night!
I bought Ellis the new You Me At Six album because I knew he wanted that - he never lets me surprise him! I stuck a bit of a surprise into his present, I bought him a tin money box because he is hopeless at saving up - I'm always thinking!
He bought me the most amazing teddy which I've called Timmy after my old dog who I still miss! He sprayed it with his aftershave so that I can always cuddle the teddy and think of Ellis whenever I need him and he's not there. He also bought me a cute mug - a vital thing I need because a love a nice cup of tea! It's a gorgeous shaped mug and the perfect size too - my new favourite! He also gave me an old camera which was so thoughtful to add to my camera collection because I love photography.

During half term I spent the majority of the time doing work, or watching catch up Jersey Shore!
One day thought, I went with my dad to Staffordshire University Open Day because he wants to go and study Comic Art! Pretty cool for a 47 year old and I'm very proud and supportive of him! I like going to the university because I now have a feel of what it will be like to go there in a few years and it's got me more excited.

The same night Ellis stayed at mine and we went to the cinema to see That Awkward Moment (after indulging in a delicious McDonalds - as you will know we visit often if you read My Boyfriend blogpost). It was a great film and I love the cinema. I love having a large Tango Ice Blast too! It was so funny because Ellis decided to let out wind when the cinema was completely silent - typical!

I hope you all had a lovely month! What did you get up to?

Lots of Love
Jen xo


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