2013 Beauty Favourites

As you may have realised, 2013 is over and 2014 has begun. Over the 365 days in 2013 I have gathered many new loves of mine in the beauty department. As I am currently in one of those enthusiastic, inspiring, rare moods I'm just going to go ahead and jump straight into it.

Foundation, Concealer, Powder and Bronzers. 

Foundations, Concealer, Powder and Bronzer

If you have read my blog post from my prom experience, you will have read that I was given the fantastic opportunity to have a makeover at Nars and therefore I was able to try out some of their products. Although I loved each product they used on me, two products were my favourite: Nars sheer glow foundation and Nars bronzer in Laguna (read my bronzer section for this). After I attended Leeds Festival I had around £40 left over and I was starting college shortly after and so I wanted to try a much better foundation so I went on and bought Nars Sheer glow foundation in Ceylan. Although it's rare I get this sort of money to buy a high end foundation I love using this foundation for special events such as Christmas and New Years eve. Unfortunately my Nars sheer glow has almost ran out which is a shame but I have found some cheaper alternatives which are nearly as great as it. Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation has been my most recent foundation purchase and the coverage is great for the cheaper price of £10.99. I will definitely be continuing with this for 2014.
Nars Sheer glow foundation in Ceylan and Bourjois' Healthy Mix Foundation. 

Oh my gosh, why did I not purchase the blogger/youtuber hyped Collection's lasting perfection concealer sooner!? For under £5 the coverage is AMAZING. I have a mole on my chin and with this concealer it pretty much makes it almost invisible, which is my aim. It also just brightens up my face and it lasts all day so I look ripe and healthy ALL DAY. Amazing.
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Since 2012, I have actually been using MAC's studio fix powder foundation just as a 'loose powder' (if I'm allowed to call it that?). I love it because it makes everything that's too shiny, not shiny. It's also good coverage and I like some coverage. I should be the likes to be covered gal. That sounds stupid actually maybe I'll steer clear of that nickname. Anyway, I love this as a powder. It's great.
MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC20
Bronzer this year has become my best friend. Since learning how to bloody contour at last, I have miraculously had bones on my face I didn't know existed and I have felt a lot more confident about my face in general, thanks to Nars bronzer in Laguna. THIS IS NOT OVER-HYPED. It's actually as amazing as everyone says it is. It's just the right shade for any skin tone, so it's just bloody brill.
Nars Bronzer in Laguna

Eye shadows, Eye liner and Mascara. 
Eye shadows, Eye liners and Mascara. 

For me, I have only just started to become confident in eye make up and so my 'collection' of shadows isn't really a collection. For my birthday Ellis, my boyfriend, treated me to my first Urban Decay palette which was the Ammo palette. Although this isn't really acceptable for a day time look, I love this palette for any of my evening looks, whether I am partying, going to a meal or going to the cinema. It contains some beautiful neutral shimmer shades but my favourites are Smog and Sin which I use very often.
Urban Decay's Ammo Palette. 

I don't wear eyeliner as much as I used to but now and again my go-to eyeliner is Loreal's superliner in Black and it's still going strong after buying it over a year ago and the line is pretty perfect, even with my awful attempts at winged liners.

Loreal's Superliner

My favourite mascara has only recently come into my life after seeing my friend Amy use it in college. It's the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless. I loved the packaging for starters, it's a neon metallic limey-yellow packaging - how fun. But it really is a great mascara because my lashes don't get clumped anymore which used to be a big problem of mine.

Rimmel's Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara


My favourite lipsticks of 2013

As you may have noticed I have only written "lipsticks" and not the whole, lip glosses, stains etc. This is due to the fact, although trying out several lip glosses this year, I am definitely a lipstick junkie and wear my lipsticks 95% - ish of the time. My favourites this year have been Rebel, Lady Danger, Russian Red and Cyber by MAC - all dark lipsticks because I think they suit me more than most others.

MAC's Rebel, Lady Danger, Russian Red and Cyber. 

This is all for my 2013 beauty favourites! What were yours? Tell me in the comments, I'd love to know!

I hope you're all having a wonderful 2014 already.

Lots of Love

Jen xo