Rant Time #1 THE SOAPS

Hi everyone, I'm firstly going to apologise for the lack of blog posts I've been doing but I have had a big case of writers block.
I have been struggling to think of things to write about for a while now. When I started this blog I wanted it to be beauty/fashion/life related but I just never really thought of anything that I thought would be interesting.
Then I just had like a spark of inspiration from my brain and I have decided to start like a new series called "Rant Time". I will write these whenever I feel I need to rant. I rant a lot. I'm sure my boyfriend/friends/family are all a little bit sick of listening to them so I thought I'd share them with you lot instead!

Today's rant is based on the soaps. It's currently five minutes until Coronation Street starts and I genuinely have no idea why I still watch it!
I'm all for having talented children in programmes and what not but this 'Grace', who's friends with Faye, is really starting to annoy me. Soaps are pretty ridiculous but the way they've tried to portray this Grace is even more ridiculous. 1) She looks far too young to be as bitchy as she is. 2) No girls are that over-the-top. 3) Girls are way more bitchier than that.
It makes me laugh because soaps try to re-create issues in the real-world, however in the real world there's a lot more profanity and sex. Have you ever seen two chavs have an argument and not sworn throughout it? I thought not.

Eastenders is beginning to get awful again. I only really love it when the story lines are based on Lauren, or the younger actors because they're the only decent ones in the show. Alice is far too annoying for my liking, Janine is a cow and Michael's an arse. I wish they'd all been took out of the show, it would be far better then.

Hollyoaks has actually been good recently. I only ever watch it when there's proper drama, so I obviously tuned in when Will had everyone hostage. I've stopped watching now - but only because I'm busy when it's on and I forget to record it. I might have to catch up with it just to see what happens with the whole Tom and Sienna situation, because I want that bitch to be found out too.

Emmerdale, again I only watch when there's drama. So I tuned in for the Cameron episodes but then it became dreary again. I watch Thursday and Friday's episodes sometimes because my mum has it on and I'm with her then, and I enjoy the episodes about David and Alesha because I always wanted them to get together, but apart from that - it's shit.

I'm now going to go and sit through Corrie with my cheese, tomato and ham toasties.

Lots of Love

Jen xo


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