HOW TO: Make a friend at a new school/college.

It's early September, the time that we (meaning myself and every other person under 19) goes either back to school, or starts at a new college (boo!).

Over the Summer holidays I was extremely excited to be starting college as I was studying four of my favourite subjects, which should be really fun!
However, a couple of days ago, the stress started to kick in and I began to get nervous because I had realised I would have to make brand new friends. This was extra scary for me as I feel like I'm one of those people where I'm just difficult to make friends with - you either hate me or you pretend to love me because you feel sorry for me!

Today was my induction for college and I actually had a brilliant day!

Depending on what college you go to will determine how your day will be because of the people you'll be with and the teachers you'll be taught by.

I walked into college with my friends and then was sadly separated by them as we read on the board that we were all in completely different tutor groups - great.
This is when the nerves really do kick in because you realise you're going to definitely have to make your own friends unless you want to be a loner for the next two years.
I just wanted to write this post because there really is no need to panic, making friends isn't that hard.

Ice Breakers:
Our tutor had put together several activities for our group to do together so that we would HAVE to interact with everyone and nobody felt left out. This is a great way to make friends because you can just introduce yourself and there you go, I'm sure you can take it from there...

Be Yourself:
This really is actually up to you. Today I went into college being the nervous Jen but then I realised what's the point in being nervous?! Nobody knew who I was, I could act as confident as I wanted because nobody would know I'm actually a very nervous girl inside. This was an amazing way to make friends because I found myself speaking to different people and making friends with girls I wouldn't usually speak to.

Same Boat:
There isn't really a point in being scared of starting somewhere new e.g college or high school. Everybody there is usually in the exact same boat as you - they don't know anybody else either and are probably just as nervous as you, so how about YOU be the ice breaker and YOU start the conversation, that way they're going to be thankful that they didn't have to start the conversation themselves and they're going to just love you and want to be your friend for ever.

I hope my tips for your college (or high school or whatever educational) life you hold ahead of you really helps you out and you enjoy your time there!

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Lots of Love

Jen xoxo


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