Dresses, Sparkles and Hair - Prom 2013.

Hello blog friends.
I'd like to send out a deep apology for not keeping up to date with my blogs recently. I've had a lot on at the moment - my prom was at the beginning of the month (continue reading this post) and I've just come home from a short break to Wales with my boyfriend and his family.
However, due to these exciting events in my life I have some fun things to write about.

Like most girls did and will do, I've been excited for my prom for the majority of my high school life. After teen movies hyped them up so much I have had the prom hype for a very long time. Although I was thinking about prom for a long time, I definitely wasn't aware of how much planning went into it.

The first thing I thought about was my dress and shoes. I'd been encouraged for a while to pick a lilac dress but I chose to opt to buy a short one rather than a long one due to the fact I'm short and I didn't want to look to...fat. I then picked out a gorgeous pair of Enzo Angelioni court shoes in a glittery gold shade. I was over the moon with both of these choices!
Lipsy dress WAS £95.00 NOW £47.50

Enzo Angeolini court stilettos WAS £75.00 NOW £55.00

Unfortunately, a few weeks before the prom I realised neither the dress or the shoes were the right fit and it was far too late to get the dress altered or get them exchanged so I had to opt for a new dress and a new pair of shoes (a truly heart breaking experience).

Luckily for me, my family aren't half-bad at finding beautiful replacement purchases. Me and my mum sat ourselves in front of the computer and scanned through the Lipsy dresses. A mint green, short dress with black detail on the top area caught both our eyes. I was drawn to the BEAUTIFUL colour but I wasn't completely sure of the black detail, however with just under 2 weeks until prom I didn't want to be too fussy so I ordered it. Once it arrived I was in love. The colour was even more beautiful in reality and the black detail looked gorgeous - plus it actually fitted. 
The weekend before Prom me and mum went shoe hunting in our local shopping centre. I didn't want to buy another pair of expensive shoes, just some comfy-ish ones that would do the job of getting me through the night. I'd seen some in New Look previously when I was with some friends and they were lovely so I decided to buy them. Unfortunately I can't find them online but they were £29.99 and definitely worth the price. 

Lipsy dress in Mint Green - WAS £55.00 NOW £27.50

"Prom Prep" starts a lot earlier for girls than it does for boys as we have so much to get done to ourselves where as a lot of the boys didn't even get their hair done! 
On the Thursday before Prom, (Prom was on Saturday) I went on holiday to my best friend's house as she would be taking me under her wing for the preparation days for Prom. 
The Thursday evening consisted of chicken and chips and a spray tan. We go to Tan Tropics in Norden where there are friendly staff who provide you with a gorgeous tan and you leave looking as if you've spent a month in Dubai. Me and my best friend (Becca) always go for the Xen-Tan but this time we asked for a few extra drops to make us even more tanned for "the big day". 

The next day we attempted to have a lie in, which failed for me as I awake from 7am. We had our nails booked for 4pm so didn't want to be doing nothing for the hours leading up to it. We both had a 10 second shower to wash off the excess tan, ate some lunch and listened to music whilst thinking of good nail ideas to get done.
At 4 we went to get our nails done. For prom we had opted for a new nail artist that we'd never had before to do them. We usually go to Princess Nails but this time we went to a girl called Helen who we both know as she's really talented and can do better nails for a much more pleasant price. 

My nails - black tip, gold and white pattern by Helen Hyde

The rest of our Friday consisted of excitement for the following day and a takeaway which probably wasn't the best idea for the night before prom. 

The next day (PROM DAY!!!!!!) we woke up bright and early at 8, jumped out of bed and washed each others hair, which was definitely not the best idea. Becca's hair went great because I'm most definitely a fabulous hairdresser in the making but we put far too much conditioner in my hair and it resulted in very greasy looking prom hair - fabulous. However, after lots of dry shampoo and a bit of water and a fresh blow dry, it kind of looked okay.
We got to the hairdressers for half past 11 (Brian Andrews Hair Studio in Norden) and straight away the hairdresser started on a very stressed Becca whilst I sat back with an amazing cup of tea, feeling stress-free. Our hairdresser then  started on me - all I said was I wanted it curly in some way and then left the rest  of the deciding to the hairdresser. She finally deciding on giving me voluminous long waves and a gorgeous "waterfall" plait in my hair. I absolutely loved it! 

My waterfall plait.

We then had a while to wait for make up so we decided to chill for a while at  the house, had a light lunch and obviously got ourselves over excited. 
At 2pm we set off to Selfridges in Manchester to get our make up done at Nars and I have to admit I wish I could afford a Nars make up everytime I went out anywhere because I looked GOOD!
My make up artist, Danielle, started off by making me feel comfortable and asked me what I wanted. I told her "smokey eye, good coverage and soft pink lips" and she really did what I asked for! 
She started off by doing my eyes, which I usually do after my foundation but I've realised this is definitely the right way to do eye make up. I wish I could name each product she used but I honestly can't remember. I do know she used white, silver and blacks on my eyes. She used MAC lashes (number 4) however you do need to provide these yourself as Nars do not sell lashes. She then went on to the foundation and I THINK she used to Sheer glow foundation but I'm not entirely sure but she matched it very well to my spray tan colour! She then set it with their transparent setting powder. She then applied Laguna or Casino bronzer all over my face which shocked me as I was expecting her to focus more on my cheek bones but it still looked amazing. She then applied blush to the apples of my cheeks which was very bright and clownish but she told me not to worry as this is the first product to fade so by the time I was going to Prom it would look fine! She then applied a lovely soft pink shade lipstick to my lips and I was ready to go. The makeover is £20 but on the day of the makeover you have to spend that £20 on a product e.g you could buy the bronzer but you would have to put an extra £6 on top of it as it's £26. However you can't get a product for less than £20 e.g I wanted to buy the lipstick so I could continue topping it up all night but they're £18.50 so I asked if I could just have that and still pay the £20 but they wouldn't let me and said I'd have to buy another product on top of that which meant I would be spending more money. In the end I decided on buying the Nars bronzer in Laguna which I was happy about as it is my new love. Tanya Burr spoke only the truth about that bronzer I definitely agree with all of her comments on it. 

We arrived at Becca's house and slipped on our dress and shoes and shoved all of our things in our tiny clutch bags.
Here are a few pictures of our pre-prom with our friends and family! 

As you can see by the last picture, we travelled to prom by limo. Rhiannon (cream coloured dress) kindly offered to pay the entire cost of the limo as we were struggling for cheap transport. We originally were very against a white limo and asked for a black one but a white limo turned up and surprisingly we weren't bothered. It was such a lovely journey! We spent the hour in the limo listening to cheesy pop music, sipping out of our champagne glasses and popping our heads out of the window. It was amazing!

The prom was held at The Mariott Victoria and Albert hotel which was definitely ideal for a prom as for starters there was a gorgeous fountain outside the doors - ideal for prom photos (although ironically i didn't take one in front of it). We got out of our limo onto a red carpet and we were lead into a stuffy entrance area absolutely heaving with my entire year looking amazing in their prom dresses and suits! We were then taken into our room where we were allocated onto tables with our friends. The room looked amazing and had a dance floor and DJ playing pretty good music (I'm fussy with music). 
Throughout the first few hours we had a three course meal on our tables. For starters I had the pate on toast with some odd sauce next to it. I am a sucker for pate and I was so happy that it wasn't soup! I was that happy I even ate my friends starters that didn't like it. For my main course I had a rather larger chicken, mixed vegetables, potatoes and some sort of sauce. This meal was okay but I didn't finish it as I was stuffed from just the starter. For my dessert I had some sort of chocolate brownie with hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. This looked and tasted delicious but due to how rich it was it made me feel a little bit ill and so I only had a mouthful of it. 

The last few hours I spent having a boogy on the dance floor and explaining to the boys in my year that there is a dance floor for a reason and there is no exception for creating their own little dance floor in the corner on the carpet - even being intimidated by the girls is not an exception. 
The night ended at about 11pm where we left everybody quite emotional.

Overall I absolutely loved my prom experience and it definitely is worth every ounce of fuss. 
Have you had your prom recently? Did you enjoy it? 

Please leave me some feedback!

Lots of Love 

Jen xo

p.s I will leave you with some pictures of inside the prom! 


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