Paramore - "Paramore" Album Review

I bought Paramore's self-titled album off Itunes at the end of March and ever since I have listened to it non-stop. It's very different to all other Paramore albums as it is more "pop rock" than the previous albums. I didn't think I would enjoy the new music from the band ever since the Farro brothers quit the band as I was a huge Paramore fan before they left and without them I didn't think the band would be the same.
And I was right, the band are definitely not the same, they have tried something completely different with their music and I think the new album has worked out very well. 
Paramore's self titled album

The band have clearly took note of what the public want from music these days, maybe not notes from their particular fan base but notes from the public never-the-less. 
Hayley sounds a lot better in this album than in previous albums which brings to my attention that a fair bit of auto-tune has been used in producing this album. 
I think the drums and guitar are quite basic in this album, possibly because they wanted to focus more on Hayley's voice than any of the instruments. 

Fast In My Car - 8/10
Fast In My Car is definitely a brilliant intro to the album. I think it definitely shows what sort of music we were to expect of Paramore in this album as it's very lively. I enjoy the guitar in this song, I'm glad they put a bit of attention into the sound of the guitar in this song, however I was a bit disappointed on the lack of amazing drums. Maybe the drummer isn't that talented or whatever but I'm a sucker for a good drum solo and this song lacked good drum beats. I was also disappointed with the lyrics in this song - "we're driving fast in my car" didn't really scream "GREAT SONG" to me, I wasn't too sure what the song actually meant and I only ever love songs with a great meaning behind them. 

Now - 9/10
This song is definitely catchy! It was the first single to be released from this album on January 22nd 2013. After listening to it (a few months later due to my nervousness of their new music) non-stop for a week, I had the song in my head constantly, singing it in my head during my science exams at the end of May! The drum is a lot better in this song as I hear that the most when listening to it, however I still don't think there's enough. Throughout the verses of Hayley singing the drum is very very basic and just follow Hayley's voice, they don't really take anything of their own. Thankfully the chorus gets better and we hear more heavy drums! The guitar is great also but I only really notice them in the verses due to the basic drums. Drums definitely overtake during the chorus. I was impressed with Hayley in this song. The song has a few good lyrics that I definitely can relate to "if there's a future we want it now" and I enjoy how they used "NO-W-W-W-W-W" definitely catchy, definitely time-wasting. 

Grow Up - 9/10
This definitely is up there in some of my favourite songs of the album! I am aware of the basic drums and guitar but I love the lyrics of the song. "Some of us have to grow up sometimes and so if I have to I'm gonna leave you behind" - this sends out a message that if we want to go with our dreams in the future and live a happy life we have to think about ourselves over others sometimes. Unfortunately the song got a bit "Taylor Swifty" as it went all soppy and a love song basically - I'm getting the hint that Hayley has had some relationship issues recently. 

Daydreaming - 6/10
I don't think I'm liable to even review this song as I haven't really listened to it much. I have it on now and it's good but I'm just not feeling it. I'm not sure why I don't like it but yeah - 6/10 is all that I can get out of the song. 

Interlude: Moving On - 6/10
I'm definitely not a fan of any of this "interlude" malarki throughout this album. I think they just included little acoustic songs with an echo to waste a bit of time, which I'm definitely not impressed with because it just isn't good. At least this song was good for one thing - we are now aware she's moving on. 

Ain't It Fun - 10/10
I was not expecting to enjoy this song as much as I do now. It reminds me of the sort of music I could imagine my mum listening to in the late 80's/early 90's, but it has a rocky edge to it. Drums are definitely basic through the verses with a great guitar but they definitely take over in the chorus. I LOVE the unexpected use of gospel singers in the background singing "don't go crying to your mama cos you're on your own in the real world" and I then love the use of clapping from them as an instrument - it definitely makes the song very unique. The lyrics are very true and brilliant and I definitely can relate to them.

Part II - 10/10
This is by far my favourite song of the whole album and maybe of the whole year. The band have took a more mellow but very rock take to their song "Let The Flames Begin" off the Riot! album. I like the twilight effect it has when Hayley sings "Oh glory" and I definitely LOVE the lyrics in this song and it's one of those songs I will sing very very loud in the shower. I am extremely pleased with the use of instruments in this song. Especially the guitar solo half way through which then includes some basic drum beats and then later more advanced beats, this song will be amazing live if I see them tour the UK later this year. 

Last Hope - 9/10
This song is very mellow at the beginning and I do enjoy it but I do love the more rockier moments off this album. The lyrics are beautiful - "it's just a spark but it's enough to keep things going" has been a quote I have mentioned on my twitter quite a lot recently. I love how after the first verse and chorus of the song they decided to add heavy guitar and then the next chorus includes heavy drums too. It's definitely a very beautiful  song but hasn't quite reached the top for me. 

Still Into You - 10/10
This song is the 2nd single released from this album and has reached it to number 15 in the UK Singles Chart  (something I can't say I'm pleased of because of the sort of people who will now start listening to Paramore and steal all the tickets for their tour) but it's definitely an achievement. I love this song as it relates to me personally. The lyrics are beautiful. However, the song is quite "pop-y" something I'm not too pleased of as it's fast and everyone will listen to it, it will become over-rated etc etc, but never-the-less still a great song with a good use of instruments too. 

Anklebiters - 10/10
For some reason this song seems to always come on first when I click shuffle so I've listened to it quite a lot on my journeys to school etc. I'm not too sure what the song is about as an "ankle biter" is actually a small child but the song is very upbeat and wakes me up, which is a good enough reason to love the song. 

Interlude: Holiday - 5/10
Again, a minute-ish song, acoustic, echo-ey, rubbish...Not much else to say really. 

Proof - 9/10
Thankfully this song comes on straight after the Interlude malarki and I'm a big fan of this song. I love the lyrics except i'm not sure about the "baby if I'm half the man I say am" because Hayley is in fact a woman, so this line baffles me. I enjoy the drums and guitar in this song, especially the drums because they get very heavy and I love heavy drums. I love the girly effect Hayley has on the song contrasting with the heavier instruments in the background. 

Hate To See Your Heart Break - 9/10
This is my favourite "soft" song on the album. I like the attention on Hayley's voice during this song as it radiates the lyrics very well. I actually really love the part at about 2:50 during the song when Hayley speeds up and gets louder and the drums are welcomed more. Overall, it's a beautiful song to listen to when you're upset. 

(One of Those) Crazy Girls - 10/10
This song actually relates to me very well and I would probably do what Hayley does in the song if I broke up with my boyfriend. I LOVE how after the first verse the song gets heavy and exciting and would definitely be amazing live. The lyrics are perfect and I'm sure most girls could relate to them and that's why I think it is a great song because the audience they have aimed this to is lavish. The use of drums and guitar during this song is perfect. I love it. 

Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore - 6/10
Oh, another time-waster. These interludes do not do the album any justice. Why have they been included? 

Be Alone - 8/10
Straight away I am impressed with the use of heavy drums and guitar in this song. I think the album gives the instruments more justice than the actual words as the lyrics aren't very exciting - "You should be alone, yeah you should be alone, you should be alone with me" are not very ambitious lyrics to come up with. 

Future - 8/10
I have mixed feelings of this song. I wasn't too sure about the speaking in the background at the beginning but I suppose the song makes up for this. It definitely is a change to the rest of the songs on the album as it's very slow and mellow. I'm not too impressed with the lyrics as all I really end up hearing is "future" and "aaaaah". Never-the-less at 3:10 when it goes into an instrument solo with lots of cymbals and electrifying guitar the song just turns amazing. At first I thought it wasn't a great outro due to it being too soft and a bit like a lullaby that would get the listeners to fall asleep and never be able to wake up to listen to the album again, but this heavy section definitely does it justice and kind of rounds up the whole album into a song - heavy but sometimes soft. I'm impressed. 

Overall, I have to say I am very impressed with the album. If they hadn't included the interludes I would have loved it more but I am happy with the new Paramore and writing this review has made me more eager to buy tickets to see them. 8.5/10

Lots of Love
Jen x 


  1. I love paramore! I agree with pretty much every word in this. I love still into you and aint it fun.

    -Megan x

  2. Paramore are great would love to see them

    Carrieanne x