Tea rooms, Trains and my Grandma - Macclesfield Trip.

It's nearly 6pm on a Tuesday evening and I'm sat in my dressing gown, drinking a cup of tea and listening to my Leeds Festival 2013 playlist, and to be honest i'd much rather be on a day out somewhere!
Macclesfield may not be an ideal destination to visit but it's a very special to my family, particularly my dad.
Yesterday was 35 years to the day that my grandma Jennie died (an amazing woman of what i'm told who unfortunately I didn't ever get the privilege to meet), so my dad thought it would be a nice idea to go and visit her memorial stone in Macclesfield Cemetery with myself and my boyfriend.

From left clockwise: Starbucks treat, Me and Ellis, Dad and Ellis and train tickets. 

At 8.45am, my boyfriend arrived at my door - thinking he was late, when really my dad was still in the bathroom and I was still doing my hair. At about 9.50am, we walked into my Bury town centre and caught the met into Manchester. The whole journey to Picadilly station consisted of myself praying that we would have to wait for the train for at least 15 minutes so I had time to nip into Starbucks and pick up a White chocolate hot chocolate (my personal favourite, but not the healthiest). To my luck we arrived with a wait so myself and Ellis headed to Starbucks, whilst my dad paid for the tickets.
The train journeys to Macclesfield are never too exciting as it takes about 20 minutes from Manchester so there isn't much to do except chat and use the loo, which is exactly what I did.

We arrived in Macclesfield and headed straight to the 108 steps. These were once an extremely exciting part of my trips to Macclesfield but as i've grown up I just see them as a lot of steps that I must try to get up without having a heart attack.
As you get to the top of the cobbled 108 steps you are lead to cobbled streets and a small garden area called Sparrow Park which gives a great view of Macclesfield train station and the areas behind it (lots of hills). Exiting the garden you are immediately faced with the rear of Saint Michael's Church, the church my dad's Auntie Maureen married. After walking through a narrow cobbled alley next to the church you can see the amazing architecture of the building (great for any photographers) and you're welcomed to a square area, outlined with small cafe's and coffee shops like Costa and Cafe Nero.
We headed into the indoor mall area which consists of a few shops to buy some sandwiches and sausage rolls to eat later on in the day. We then headed down towards Chester Road to pick up some flowers from a small florist but as we reached it we saw it had closed down within the year we hadn't visited and instead had to stop off at a different "garden shop" which sold over-priced plants, but we left with a small, pink plant, which was great as that was her favourite colour of plant.

We then carried on walking in the direction of West Park and eventually reached the cemetery. I always find it very emotional when I visit the place. So many members of my family are buried there or have had their ashes scattered there and it's quite sad because I never actually met these members of my family. However, the main reason to my emotion is due to the fact my granddad who died in 2005 was cremated here and we have no idea where his ashes were scattered or if he has a memorial stone or anything, because I'd love to be able to lay some flowers by him. The positive side to the cemetery is the peace and quiet and the beautiful trees, plants and flowers within it. I love the walk to my grandma's memorial stone and I always snap away some of the beautiful nature. We reached my grandma's memorial stone and we cleaned it up a bit and put the plant by it. My boyfriend gave me a little kiss on the cheek to comfort me and I could see the emotion of my dad showing. RIP Grandma Jennie!

We then decided to head into West Park and ate our sandwiches under a sheltered area - I had a gammon salad sandwich on wholemeal bread but picked out the gammon and fed it to the boys because I wasn't impressed by it. Me and Ellis then decided it would be a lot of fun to play on the zip-wire kind of thingy majig. This was the point when I realised how old I actually am now as I didn't enjoy it as much as I did about 6 years ago when I came with my primary school best friend.
Due to my incredibly weak bladder, I need my second toilet stop since the train and so I had to use the not-so appealing park toilets. I genuinely feel like I am about to die when I enter those toilets.
We then headed towards the gate of the park, after getting distracted by the giant "meteor" in the middle of the park field and the beautiful plants that I just HAD to photograph. The park also has giant, metal gates which were also great to snap (in photography terms, not literally snap because they were solid).

Although by this point I had a bad headache and was in need of something sugary, we drove ourselves in the direction of South Park (not the cartoon comedy, just the park in Macclesfield) by walking along Crompton Road. This road is very interesting, but very long. We walked via this road because my dad used to live here opposite the armoury which isn't actually an armoury anymore. The buildings are still there though, they're spectacular buildings but they've now been converted into flats.
As by this point my headache had got a lot worse we decided it would be a good idea to head towards Granelli's ice cream parlour for some much-deserved delicious home-made ice cream.
Myself and Ellis chose banana and toffee-crunch ice-cream with chocolate sauce in a tub whilst my dad opted for a strawberry and banana ice-cream on a cone. Although the weather was not the best, we decided to sit in the yard of the parlour under some of those sun umbrella's in view of the ice-cream vans and next to a little room where you could see the old, original ice-cream trucks and machines.

After this, we thought "let's had back to the station" but as we walked through the town centre, a tea room had caught my eye and it was in fact the tea room that GEMSMAQUILLAGE had visited a while ago for cupcakes and a cup of tea but I'd been having trouble finding the blog post about it so I was having trouble finding the name of it, but at last it was found so I just had to force the men into stopping for a drink.
My dad and I shared a pot of tea, served in China-ware, whilst Ellis opted for a Cappucino that was served with a small, chocolate heart on the foamy milk - adorable! I really wanted to try a cupcake but after the ice-cream not long before I wasn't really feeling in the mood for one so after drinking our beverages, we headed to the station and jumped on the train back to Manchester.

We jumped off the train back at Picadilly station, after a 20-minute journey crowding a posh woman on a table. My dad decided that he was in need of going to a comic shop in Manchester's northern quarter called Forbidden Planet so forced us to accompany him. As we walked through the busy street's of Manchester, I realised, after my cup of tea in Macclesfield, my bladder was in need of it's third stop of the day, but coincidentally for me we were no where near any open toilets so after about fifteen minutes in a comic shop with two boys, we got the met back to my town and I had to pray that the mall toilets were still open.
Luckily for me, they were. We then had a lovely walk to tesco where we picked up some pizzas for tea and then headed home. I then spent an hour with my boyfriend watching telly and eating pizza but after he'd gone I unfortunately became very ill and spent the next few hours feeling sorry for myself and then headed to bed for an early night at 9pm.

The day for me was still extremely enjoyable and I look forward to my next visit.
I definitely recommend visiting Macclesfield if you're local as it's great for photographs or a change from your local town. Have you ever been to Macclesfield? What do you do there?

Lots of Love

Jen x

p.s there is many more photos but they won't send from my iphone to my e-mail so just the one will have to do. (insert crying/shocked/sad emoji here)

p.p.s there will be a Macclesfield vlog up next week that I hope you'll like to watch!


  1. I'm glad you had a good day! I've never been to Macclesfield...
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  2. Aww what a lovely day, such a nice idea to go and visit the cemetery.