Tea rooms, Trains and my Grandma - Macclesfield Trip.

It's nearly 6pm on a Tuesday evening and I'm sat in my dressing gown, drinking a cup of tea and listening to my Leeds Festival 2013 playlist, and to be honest i'd much rather be on a day out somewhere!
Macclesfield may not be an ideal destination to visit but it's a very special to my family, particularly my dad.
Yesterday was 35 years to the day that my grandma Jennie died (an amazing woman of what i'm told who unfortunately I didn't ever get the privilege to meet), so my dad thought it would be a nice idea to go and visit her memorial stone in Macclesfield Cemetery with myself and my boyfriend.

From left clockwise: Starbucks treat, Me and Ellis, Dad and Ellis and train tickets. 
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Paramore - "Paramore" Album Review

I bought Paramore's self-titled album off Itunes at the end of March and ever since I have listened to it non-stop. It's very different to all other Paramore albums as it is more "pop rock" than the previous albums. I didn't think I would enjoy the new music from the band ever since the Farro brothers quit the band as I was a huge Paramore fan before they left and without them I didn't think the band would be the same.
And I was right, the band are definitely not the same, they have tried something completely different with their music and I think the new album has worked out very well. 
Paramore's self titled album

The band have clearly took note of what the public want from music these days, maybe not notes from their particular fan base but notes from the public never-the-less. 
Hayley sounds a lot better in this album than in previous albums which brings to my attention that a fair bit of auto-tune has been used in producing this album. 
I think the drums and guitar are quite basic in this album, possibly because they wanted to focus more on Hayley's voice than any of the instruments. 

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