Rant Time #1 THE SOAPS

Hi everyone, I'm firstly going to apologise for the lack of blog posts I've been doing but I have had a big case of writers block.
I have been struggling to think of things to write about for a while now. When I started this blog I wanted it to be beauty/fashion/life related but I just never really thought of anything that I thought would be interesting.
Then I just had like a spark of inspiration from my brain and I have decided to start like a new series called "Rant Time". I will write these whenever I feel I need to rant. I rant a lot. I'm sure my boyfriend/friends/family are all a little bit sick of listening to them so I thought I'd share them with you lot instead!

Today's rant is based on the soaps. It's currently five minutes until Coronation Street starts and I genuinely have no idea why I still watch it!
I'm all for having talented children in programmes and what not but this 'Grace', who's friends with Faye, is really starting to annoy me. Soaps are pretty ridiculous but the way they've tried to portray this Grace is even more ridiculous. 1) She looks far too young to be as bitchy as she is. 2) No girls are that over-the-top. 3) Girls are way more bitchier than that.
It makes me laugh because soaps try to re-create issues in the real-world, however in the real world there's a lot more profanity and sex. Have you ever seen two chavs have an argument and not sworn throughout it? I thought not.

Eastenders is beginning to get awful again. I only really love it when the story lines are based on Lauren, or the younger actors because they're the only decent ones in the show. Alice is far too annoying for my liking, Janine is a cow and Michael's an arse. I wish they'd all been took out of the show, it would be far better then.

Hollyoaks has actually been good recently. I only ever watch it when there's proper drama, so I obviously tuned in when Will had everyone hostage. I've stopped watching now - but only because I'm busy when it's on and I forget to record it. I might have to catch up with it just to see what happens with the whole Tom and Sienna situation, because I want that bitch to be found out too.

Emmerdale, again I only watch when there's drama. So I tuned in for the Cameron episodes but then it became dreary again. I watch Thursday and Friday's episodes sometimes because my mum has it on and I'm with her then, and I enjoy the episodes about David and Alesha because I always wanted them to get together, but apart from that - it's shit.

I'm now going to go and sit through Corrie with my cheese, tomato and ham toasties.

Lots of Love

Jen xo

Mud, Mud Glorious Mud - Leeds Festival 2013.

I recently went to Leeds Festival and took lots of snaps so I'm being kind enough to share them with you all.

Have fun.
Lots of Love Jen xoxo

The sunset over the camps on the Thursday night - beautiful, until the thunder and lightning and lots of rain came.

Poppy, Me and Lucy enjoying ourselves.

I saw Fall out Boy live. Jealous?


Me and Ellis. 

Me and my mum enjoying the sun. 


Alt-J - amazing. 

Great end to a weekend - Alt-J. 

HOW TO: Make a friend at a new school/college.

It's early September, the time that we (meaning myself and every other person under 19) goes either back to school, or starts at a new college (boo!).

Over the Summer holidays I was extremely excited to be starting college as I was studying four of my favourite subjects, which should be really fun!
However, a couple of days ago, the stress started to kick in and I began to get nervous because I had realised I would have to make brand new friends. This was extra scary for me as I feel like I'm one of those people where I'm just difficult to make friends with - you either hate me or you pretend to love me because you feel sorry for me!

Today was my induction for college and I actually had a brilliant day!

Depending on what college you go to will determine how your day will be because of the people you'll be with and the teachers you'll be taught by.

I walked into college with my friends and then was sadly separated by them as we read on the board that we were all in completely different tutor groups - great.
This is when the nerves really do kick in because you realise you're going to definitely have to make your own friends unless you want to be a loner for the next two years.
I just wanted to write this post because there really is no need to panic, making friends isn't that hard.

Ice Breakers:
Our tutor had put together several activities for our group to do together so that we would HAVE to interact with everyone and nobody felt left out. This is a great way to make friends because you can just introduce yourself and there you go, I'm sure you can take it from there...

Be Yourself:
This really is actually up to you. Today I went into college being the nervous Jen but then I realised what's the point in being nervous?! Nobody knew who I was, I could act as confident as I wanted because nobody would know I'm actually a very nervous girl inside. This was an amazing way to make friends because I found myself speaking to different people and making friends with girls I wouldn't usually speak to.

Same Boat:
There isn't really a point in being scared of starting somewhere new e.g college or high school. Everybody there is usually in the exact same boat as you - they don't know anybody else either and are probably just as nervous as you, so how about YOU be the ice breaker and YOU start the conversation, that way they're going to be thankful that they didn't have to start the conversation themselves and they're going to just love you and want to be your friend for ever.

I hope my tips for your college (or high school or whatever educational) life you hold ahead of you really helps you out and you enjoy your time there!

Tell me about your day! Email me: x_farnay@hotmail.com
You'll probably hear about mine if you follow me on twitter as I tweet regularly (I hope you don't mind swearing) - @farnay_

Lots of Love

Jen xoxo

Dresses, Sparkles and Hair - Prom 2013.

Hello blog friends.
I'd like to send out a deep apology for not keeping up to date with my blogs recently. I've had a lot on at the moment - my prom was at the beginning of the month (continue reading this post) and I've just come home from a short break to Wales with my boyfriend and his family.
However, due to these exciting events in my life I have some fun things to write about.

Like most girls did and will do, I've been excited for my prom for the majority of my high school life. After teen movies hyped them up so much I have had the prom hype for a very long time. Although I was thinking about prom for a long time, I definitely wasn't aware of how much planning went into it.

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Tea rooms, Trains and my Grandma - Macclesfield Trip.

It's nearly 6pm on a Tuesday evening and I'm sat in my dressing gown, drinking a cup of tea and listening to my Leeds Festival 2013 playlist, and to be honest i'd much rather be on a day out somewhere!
Macclesfield may not be an ideal destination to visit but it's a very special to my family, particularly my dad.
Yesterday was 35 years to the day that my grandma Jennie died (an amazing woman of what i'm told who unfortunately I didn't ever get the privilege to meet), so my dad thought it would be a nice idea to go and visit her memorial stone in Macclesfield Cemetery with myself and my boyfriend.

From left clockwise: Starbucks treat, Me and Ellis, Dad and Ellis and train tickets. 
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Paramore - "Paramore" Album Review

I bought Paramore's self-titled album off Itunes at the end of March and ever since I have listened to it non-stop. It's very different to all other Paramore albums as it is more "pop rock" than the previous albums. I didn't think I would enjoy the new music from the band ever since the Farro brothers quit the band as I was a huge Paramore fan before they left and without them I didn't think the band would be the same.
And I was right, the band are definitely not the same, they have tried something completely different with their music and I think the new album has worked out very well. 
Paramore's self titled album

The band have clearly took note of what the public want from music these days, maybe not notes from their particular fan base but notes from the public never-the-less. 
Hayley sounds a lot better in this album than in previous albums which brings to my attention that a fair bit of auto-tune has been used in producing this album. 
I think the drums and guitar are quite basic in this album, possibly because they wanted to focus more on Hayley's voice than any of the instruments. 

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