Growing into myself and building friendships

It's been nearly three months since my last post and although I should be feeling bad on myself that I haven't blogged for ages, it's an improvement from the last gap, so we have progress.

To say the last few months have been easy would be a lie, to be honest thinking about it I can't believe so much has happened so quickly. 

Around April I became friends with a lovely guy called Danny, who I knew through mutual friends, and to be honest who used to just give me football abuse on Twitter for supporting Liverpool. Unfortunately our friendship was cut short due to a tragic accident and I still can't believe he's gone. 
From this he's managed to raise awareness for men that struggle with their mental health and raised over £15,000 for a charity who focus on this and I think that's absolutely incredible, that he's still helping people even when he's gone. The fundraiser has now finished but if you want to raise awareness or look into this incredible charity, visit Andy's Man Club
Losing someone that's so young has really made me want to clear any bad energy I have with people and focus on the people I really want in my life.
I've made some incredible friendships this last six months and I want to specifically mention Reece and Jonny who have picked me up and probably not even realised it. Two of the most genuine lads I've ever met with hearts of gold and are always there for their mates and who always make me laugh. I used to find making friends so difficult and thought at my age it would be even harder to build friendships, but with them it's been so easy. I’ve actually known Reece for years, since I was about 12 and I never thought we’d be as close as we are now 10 years later to be honest! He has been so good for my mind and whenever I need someone I know I can count on him.
I've also built a close friendship with Mary who I've known a while now but got really close to the last few months. Finding girl  mates I used to find hard because I don't like the bitchy mentality that a lot of girls have, but luckily Mary isn't (too much of) a bitch. 
I think just cutting off toxic friendships and building new ones, or re-building old ones, is actually so much easier than it seems if you have the right mentality. I've just been trying to enjoy every moment I have, whilst also enjoying time on my own.  

Not sure if I've mentioned this on any of my social media but, on the 1st of June, Liverpool won the Champions League and made me a very happy girl. The day after Reece rang me up and said if I can be ready in 30 minutes I could go with him and Jonny to the parade in Liverpool - obviously I went. To say it has been the best day of the year so far would be an understatement - it was incredible. I've never been in such a friendly, happy atmosphere in my whole life. I also met a dog which I'm never forever friends with, Hank.

I would say my mental health has been rocky recently. Not terrible, but not great. I haven't seen my therapist now since mid-May because my June appointment was on the day of the funeral and I couldn't get one in July before my holiday, so I don't think that has helped. I don't think my sudden love for beer has helped either and I've started to cut it down a bit. I think I've started to understand my anxiety a lot more than ever the last few months. I get incredibly anxious when I don't know full details about a situation. I get incredibly worked up and need loads reassurance when I'm meeting new people and going to new places. Everything that makes me anxious could be avoided, I could become a recluse and stay at home and have no friends but I'd rather not so I'm just going to battle through the panic attacks. 

In all honesty I think I've got so much more confident - within friendships, with my body, with my appearance, with my job, with boys. I don't know about you but I think I maybe beginning to love myself??? 
I've been working out a lot the last few months - focusing more on my abs, because although I'll never have them all the time because I eat like a pig, I enjoy the few minutes after a workout where I actually look like I have abs, it's brilliant. 
I've been getting into the holiday spirit and trying on bikinis recently, and after trying on one last week I compared it to the image of me in a bikini from when I was in Barcelona two years ago. I'm genuinely so proud of where I've got myself and I actually think I look alright which is something I would never really say about myself in a bikini. 

On the topic of bikini pictures, I'm genuinely baffled by the taboo around them, specifically by women older than me. I've heard people describe them as cheap and trashy and it's laughable if I'm honest. How a girl can suddenly become cheap and trashy for showing off hard work and body confidence I really do wonder? If anyone knows me personally, they'll know I am not cheap and trashy and that I'm just proud of how hard I've worked on my body. I've had messages off more girls asking me for advice on body confidence and workout tips than I have boys complimenting me, and if I'm going to be helping someone I'm going to do more of it! 

I've been single now for nearly 7 months and it's probably the longest I've been single since I was 14. I'm absolutely loving it though and I really don't see myself getting back into dating any time soon. It's actually a little scary enjoying being on your own this much because I just don't want it to change and I like being selfish with my time and my heart. What does really annoy me is how if I reply to a boy on social media they think I want to date them. We're in 2019 and I just enjoy male friendships, what's so hard to grasp about that. If I say I enjoy being single and I'm not interested, please don't see that as a challenge because I'm not playing hard to get I'm genuinely just enjoying life ridin' solo. 

On my last note I want to mention my number one best friend, Laura aka Psycho Susan. I would not have lasted the last six months in the state I am without her by my side. It's hard having a best friend that lives so far away but it's also a blessing too because we put so much effort into our friendship and when we do get to see each other the memories are the best. She puts everyone before herself, every single day, and I bloody wish she'd start being selfish. Everyone I've introduced her to have loved her straight away because she has the kindest heart ever. Laura, if you bothered to read this - you got this, you're strong, you're powerful and you're an inspiration to me. 

A week today I'll be in Croatia on my mad adventure with my mother and I cannot wait. So I guess the next post you'll see will be about that? If not, see you in 3 months when I bother to post again! 

Ciao for now. 


P.s join my Premier League Fantasy Football League, the code is ncgveh, I'm not begging but I kind of am. 

On another note, yes that is unfortunately Etihad Stadium at the top but it's a pretty picture of when I saw Muse so I had to use it. 

Building a relationship with yourself

Here I am, back again. After Facebook pages told me I haven't posted for a while for the fourth time I thought it was about time I took the hint and post something.
I suppose a quick update is in order, seeing as I haven't blogged since last October. Well, I am ridin' solo once again. This time there's no dramatic back log to the split like my last one, so no juicy blog post to come in the future with all the details because I respect that person a lot, sorry!

A lot happened last year, and my feelings towards life in general changed, and with that my feelings in that relationship left too. If it gets to a point where the person your with is doing everything they possibly can to keep you happy and to keep the relationship going and you're still not happy with it or feeling the same, it's a sign that you don't want to be in the relationship anymore.

My problem in relationships with anyone whether it's my boyfriend, my friends or my family, I would always put their needs before my own. So trying to find happiness for myself whilst also trying to please the person I'm with is great difficulty, and when I do try and put myself first I do it all at once so it seems like I'm being selfish - there just wasn't any winning.

I had to remove myself from a relationship so I could build a relationship with myself.

Initially being single again was so weird. You leave this relationship and with that you kind of have to remove contact with your ex but then you're significantly a lot more lonelier so when you get some attention you use that and speak to new people but when you tell them you're not after anything, they stop talking to you and you're lonelier once again.

The key is to learn to enjoy being alone and your own company. The benefits of being on your own? There's no time limits, no boundaries and nobody waiting on you or planning around you. You have complete freedom to do whatever you want. Have a few mad nights out. Go and get a tattoo you might not have got if you were in a relationship. Go to Bongo Bingo on St Patricks Day at midday, go to the after party, get home 6 hours later then you should do, drink loads of gin and go to work hungover - (true story, don't recommend going to work hungover though, that isn't fun).

Limit the time you spend on your phone. If you think about it, it's a waste of time really. Scrolling through your feeds, lusting over other peoples lives whilst not living your own. Use it to inspire you but then go out and enjoy your time instead of wasting it on wishing you were doing something somebody you don't even know is doing.

I mentioned having a few mad nights out, but don't go off the rails. The last time I was single, I went a bit mad. I went out three times a week, got stupidly drunk, spent most of my money on alcohol and made most of my memories drunk. It wasn't actually fun looking back at it and that's why I don't have any intention of spending my time doing that now. I couldn't imagine being like that now, I'm a proper old woman. Two gins and I'm done for the night. Despite being on a better wage now than back then, I'm a girl with responsibilities (bills). I'm also a lot vainer now and spend a fortune on my outfits, tan, make up and nails every time I'm due a night out so I'm lucky now if I get a trip to Popworld once a month.

The sole reason I needed to be on my own was to make myself better, or at least try. I needed to improve my mental health. Sometimes I get told that I don't need to share this with people, but I'm absolutely not ashamed so I will. Last year my mental health took a turn for the worse, although I believe it's not been great since I was quite young, it drastically went worse and there became a point where I no longer wanted to be here anymore.

At the time I was lucky enough to have incredible people around me. It's crazy how you can have such a close family and nobody has any idea what you're going through in your mind unless you actually have a breakdown. I'd usually hide away during a breakdown for my dad to find me in a state, or I'd breakdown in front of my mum. But one night I broke down and reached out to my big sisters and I think that was the start of realising I'm not actually okay and I could do with some help. It wouldn't be fair on my family and friends though if I just relied on them to sort me out, they have their own problems to deal with they don't need another thing to deal with. So after some help from my dad I decided to get myself a therapist, and it's the best thing I've done so far this year. I won't lie it's expensive but it's so worth it. The way I see it, I was going to spend stupid money on a personal trainer to help me improve my physical health but how was I meant to push myself to attend PT sessions if my mental state wasn't the best? So it was a no brainer to invest in someone to help my mental health. I currently go once a month for an hour, I've had three sessions and she's helped so much already, I strongly recommend seeing someone if you can.

Talking of physical health, getting fit and working out has been a huge mood-lifter during hard times and it's now become one of my favourite hobbies surprisingly. I try to workout three times a week at home to build that boo-tay and try and get those abs I probably won't ever get.
I have actually started to run,  which is a massive deal seeing as the idea of running has always made me feel sick. I literally used to fake an asthma attack in school in order for me to get out the bleep test at Level 4. Me and my sister are doing the couch to 5k and it's actually not bad but I've only done week 1 so far so I can't properly judge it. Working out (at home) and running are both free hobbies which is great when you need something to do and you're skint (me, 3 weeks of the month) but they both also release endorphins which is what you need to keep smiling.

Things that have kept me going the last few months are things like self-help books, I particularly recommend Vex King's - Good Vibes, Good Life is incredible and a very easy read. I also strongly recommend having a social media detox, removing yourself away from the digital world and enjoying the real world (I'm still working on this). I've become slightly more confident and meeting new people or just meeting up with people you haven't seen for a while has been really enjoyable, reminiscing but also being able to find out things that they've done whilst you haven't been around.

Also, chill out. Allow yourself days inside, days where you just chill. Nights where you don't train, where you just get home, put your fluffy PJ's on and then scream at your TV when the footballs on (can you believe I actually enjoy football now? Mental).

Remember, life is about learning and living and making mistakes. Your life is what you make of it.

The longest relationship you will ever have is with yourself so master that before you create a relationship with someone else.  

lots of love


To the older generations, from a Millennial

The other day I over heard a comment, 'the younger generation are too sensitive'. This comment made me think about how oblivious the older generation are to us and why they really ought to just stop being so in denial about our mental health.

We are told and told to speak about our problems, to let out how we're feeling and not keep ourselves locked away, however when we do speak about it we are told 'you have nothing to worry about', 'you're too young to feel stressed', 'don't be so sensitive' or 'if you're that bad why have you not seen a doctor for it', causing us to want to keep our thoughts and feelings locked up.

I don't think it is 'normal' to feel awful all the time, and if it is, why is it normal? We weren't put on this planet and given a life to feel depressed, we should be able to live a life.

I feel like the older generation are so closed up on these ideas, especially some parents, because they feel if their child does suffer from something within their mind they think they've failed at raising them when it could have actually stemmed from absolutely anything.

I think they're so old-fashioned and were raised to just be strong that they think that our generation can be the same, but there's so many factors now that impact our lives.

I broke down on Friday night and truly felt at my lowest point, so this could get a little deep but I find writing my blogs helps me feel better and I feel I'm myself here. It saddens me that our thoughts are only taken seriously when we reach this point and people finally realise that maybe it isn't so normal after all that we're feeling this way and maybe we do need a little help and maybe we're not too young to feel this way and shit really does happen in our lives.

So, I'm 22 now and I just feel low. Like really really low. And I'm exhausted of feeling so low. But this is what has happened in my 22 years that I think have triggered how I am now.

When I was 7, my mum and dad split up and my mum and sister moved out. What had been my family home for my childhood was now my 'dads' house. I no longer had my mum or my sister around me all the time (my other sister had already left home) and for the next 14 years I felt like the messenger between my mum and dad and felt like I was always treading on egg shells. I know this is so common now that parents do separate and people do cope more than others and others just don't but I believe this affected me a lot more now that I'm older than I initially thought.

I started to get bullied when I was 11 by a couple of people in primary school, and then I moved to high school and got bullied some more for most of my five years there due to a really small inperfection that I still feel insecure about today. The thing is though, bullying has happened for generations but when you got bullied when my mum and dad were kids you could go home, in your room and feel safe. Not me. Social media had just really took off when I was getting bullied and so I was coming home to abuse online. Facebook statuses written about me, MSN chats victimizing me and there was this awful website called Formspring where people could send you anonymous messages and a lot of mine called me fat, called the imperfection I have and told me to die on a few occasions. Then when my dad contacted my school about it, my head of year said 'girls will be girls' - the thing is schools don't really do anything unless someone dies and that's the sad truth.

During high school I did have a few friends and I was part of a friendship group that were a lot prettier than me and a lot more fun. I was pretty much the fat, ugly, small friend. Boys didn't like me. I never took risks and so I got called boring and annoying a lot and that kind of stuck in my head. Now whenever someone calls me boring or annoying, even as a laugh it hurts me and I genuinely start to believe that’s how I am. Sounds so stupid.

In my fourth year of high school I got to quite a low point, but again, it was 'normal' apparently. I developed problems with eating after being so chubby for years I lost a lot of weight because I was barely eating. I've already written about this and so I won't go into it but yeah it wasn't a very good time for me.

I then got into a really toxic relationship, which really broke me as a person and I forgot what being free was like.

After getting out of that relationship, I finally saw the light. I made friends, I fell in love, I started to love myself, I started to live.

Unfortunately, like a lot of girls my age, I became majorly obsessed with social media. With keeping up my appearance and how many likes I got on my photos. It sounds incredibly stupid doesn't it? But unfortunately this is the pressures of society these days.

Then about a year ago the world crashed on me. I lost my Nonna Maria and my world really did make possibly the worst turn. I saw her die and I still cannot get that out of my head. I saw her last laugh, her last smile. Losing my Nonna was one of the most difficult moments of my whole life. I didn't really take any time out of work after that I just kept going and pretended I was okay but really I was hurting a lot.

The month after she passed, my step dad Stanley got diagnosed with lung cancer and was given months to live. Watching someone I cared about go from this strong, big bloke to this weak, frail man was heartbreaking. My whole families life changed. My mum was always running around taking him for chemotherapy and not being able to work normally. My sister spent a lot of her time being his carer and seeing him in his worst states. And I really felt for my sisters because they had the constant worry of how my nieces and nephews were going to cope with losing their granddad Stan.

That day came on the 27th February. It was one of the snowiest days of the year and I had almost reached work when my mum rang me and told me Stan had took a turn for the worse and the hospital had asked to gather his loved ones to be there. I didn't know what to do but I got into work and broke down straight away when one of the lads asked me if I was okay. I was driven to the hospital and it brought back the awful memories of seeing my Nonna pass away.

We spent the whole day there. I just watched him and felt so sad. We didn’t want him to pass in hospital, we wanted it to be at home where he was comfortable but that wasn’t possible so we tried to make it as peaceful for him as possible. He loved the band Elbow so I created a playlist full of Elbow songs on my phone and as we all held his hand we played Elbow to him as he peacefully passed away.

I didn't take any time away from work then either. I just continued on.

I didn't ever give myself time to mourn and I think now I've realised that I should have done and I'm not at all okay.

During Stan being unwell, my dad got really unwell too and I saw him at his lowest and instead of my dad looking after me and suddenly I saw myself looking after him. He developed photosensitivity and so he’s been wearing sunglasses everyday since last December. It doesn’t sound like a big deal but I haven’t seen my dads eyes since last December. 

I bet some of you are thinking why am I posting this all over the internet? Well I think some people need a reality check and I think they need to know that to be honest I might only be 22 but a lot has happened in my life and my mind is pretty damaged. Maybe nobody is thinking that and it's just my over-thinking mind going off on one again.

I really am lucky though. I'm lucky I have my boyfriend who lets me cancel Nando's and let's me cry to him for 3 hours straight. I'm lucky for my dad who brings me hot water bottles and a cup of tea. I'm lucky for my mum who meets me for coffee so I can let out all my problems. I'm lucky for my sisters who protected me from those people who bullied me in high school. I'm lucky for my best friend who messages me every single day and helps me feel better. 

Some people don't have anyone. Some people are battling inside their own head with not a single soul to confide in.

So my message to the older generation who say I'm too sensitive and tell me how I should feel, my mind doesn't listen to me so it most definitely will not listen to you. We don't just wake up everyday and want to be sad. We may not have battled through wars, or beaten at school by our teachers but we have fought our own battles and we continue to fight battles in our heads everyday. Life can be really hard whether you’re 22 or 62.

Next time you see someone get a little 'touchy' over something you said, why don't you just take the time to ask them how they are instead of pushing them to feel worse.

The people I see sharing mental health awareness posts are some of the same people I hear telling people to man up. The sad reality is a lot of you only begin to care when it’s too late. Be kind. 

Lots of love


p.s I'll be okay :-) 

Why we need to start living our own lives

Back again, due to popular demand...joking, however my last post must have been better than I thought so if you're interested give it a read. In all seriousness (kind of) I wanted to write about something that has been bubbling away at me for the last few months. 

As you might know, I lost two very close family members within the space of 4 months earlier this year. Although losing these people has broken me down, quite a lot, their passing has positively affected the way I have chosen to live my life. 

We need to start living for ourselves. 

I have a lot to speak about on this subject so please bare with. The fact on my birthday 10 months ago I had both my Nonna and my step-dad Stanley both living, and I thought healthy, they both were gone so quickly and it has honestly opened my eyes to how short life is. 

Life is short. And we hear that all the time, but we never realise how short. 

We need to start living our own lives because realistically, whatever you believe, you'll only have this life once. 

One of my biggest down-falls is I'm easily led to making choices based on how it will affect others. I rarely am selfish. I don't go out to hurt people, nor do I want to so I take the easiest routes out of a situation to please others around me therefore they're benefiting and I am not. Selflessness doesn't sound like something to dislike about yourself but when you constantly feel like a push over and you're constantly putting people before yourself but never receiving the same treatment back then you need to ask yourself a question - who are you living to keep happy? 

I hear so many stories from girls and boys who choose certain decisions based on keeping your partner happy. I've spoken about toxic relationships now so much it actually bores me because it's really negative BUT if you're living in a partnership where your constantly choosing the option to please your partner, you're not exactly living a happy life. Want to dye your hair but your partner only wants you in your natural colour? Want to go to see a band but your partner doesn't? Want to get a tattoo but your partner doesn't like them? Come to a compromise that you both are happy with or do what you want. Your partner might not be with you forever. Your partner is getting the satisfaction that they want but it's at your expense so where is the happiness? You literally have one body, one life. 

Another thing that is on my mind a lot is career choices. My mum has decided to leave her job and do something for herself. At first I was like woah but now I'm truly inspired by her choice. I spend approximately 50 hours at work a week. There's 168 hours in a week. I sleep approx. 43 hours in a week. That means I am awake for 125 hours a week, meaning I am working 40% of my awake time during a week. So why would you put yourself through a career path that makes you miserable when you're spending so much of your time there? 

Don't get me wrong, I have considered changing on days where customers have been difficult, computer systems have crashed or the work load has just been too much but at the moment, I can't see myself doing anything else and I can't see myself working somewhere with sound as a pound people like the people I work with now so I'm sticking it out and I'm happy too. 

HOWEVER, I completely went off subject then. The point I was getting at is some people choose an option they haven't chosen themselves. I'll give you an example. I went to a grammar school that wasn't chosen by me, my dad wanted it more than I did and granted I am happy I got that education, it wasn't my own choice. I left high school and originally was going to stay on at sixth form because I thought this would be what my parents would want. In the end, I didn't. I got a place at a different sixth form grammar school but the day I got a phone call to say I'd got a place I just said no. I was literally only going because I thought a grammar school education would be the only way into a good job. I was literally about to dedicate myself to COMPUTING and SOCIOLOGY instead of ICT and PHOTOGRAPHY which would've been a really stupid mistake. So I decided to go to a college near me instead, and I didn't really know anyone so it was really out of my comfort zone. Anyway, this was during a stage I was with my 'strange ex' and I had a dream of going to university to study music photography and during college I realised I wasn't going to get there with that ex boyfriend so I dropped out of college. I decided to take a completely different turn in life and went on to be chosen as 1 of 9 young adults out of 500 to do a social media and digital marketing apprenticeship in Manchester. I then started working. I realised I absolutely despised that industry and now I hire out portacabins and LOVE it. 

My point is, I got to this happy place by making decisions for me. Not for my family. Not for my ex. Not for my current boyfriend. Not for my future children. I have a friend who doesn't want to take up a dream of hers because her family want her to do the same as they have and it literally baffles me. I don't understand why people set up for these hopes that their family want to continue what they do when everyone should be living an enjoyable life for themselves. 

Still awake? I'm sure you've now read my last post - if not, that's rude. I mentioned how social media is ruining my generation and that is pretty relevant right now. I took a 4 day social media break last week and it made me feel fantastic. We are missing so much when we're glued to our screens (really hypocritical as I've been glued to my laptop for an hour writing this). We miss so many conversations, so many beautiful parts of nature, so many books that could be teaching us new things, so many opportunities to be happy. We are sat envying others lives and wanting it for ourselves but we're not actually enjoying our own lives. Madness. In my 4 day break I did so much I didn't realise would make me happy. I spent more time talking to my dad after work. I went for tapas with my mum and didn't bother checking in on Facebook. I told my boyfriend more rather than tweeting about my thoughts. I sat on my balcony a lot and relaxed myself. I read some books and really escaped. That is true happiness and now I find myself less interested in social media and more interested in just enjoying my day to day life. 

Money saving is something that people discuss a lot. I'm not against people saving and if you can do it whilst being happy go for it. But, I'm 100% a memory maker and living in the present rather than someone who thinks too far in the future. I honestly don't work as hard as I do to save my money and pay my bills. If I want to do something and it's going to cost, I'll find a way to pay for it. 

Travelling has become a new-found source of my happiness and although I haven't gone very far, the idea of planning a trip and getting away whether it's for a night or a week, the fact I know I'm going somewhere is enough to make me happy. Getting out of your own habitat is an incredible source of happiness. The world is massive by the way and there's a lot to explore. 

I hope my point has been made. Life is short. We don't know when the end is so go and enjoy it for yourself.

Hopefully I've made a bit of sense. I've been up since 5am and I'm ready for bed so I'm not sure what exactly I've wrote about but that's usually when I write best. 

lots of love
Jennie x

How social media is ruining my generation

I think I forgot how to blog.

Nearly seven months without a post - I bet you thought I was gone for good- nope, here I am, I'm back. Expecting an update on my life? Not today guys, I thought I'd write about something that is really getting to me at the moment. How social media is ruining us.

Sounds mad really, writing about social media being bad for us whilst I'm on social media? Exactly.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat - most of us have it.This post is mainly aimed at people like me. I'm fully aware that the older generation have social media but they don't quite work it like us - my mum literally thought she had to like every single persons post that came up on her feed because they might get offended. 

Fake. Happy. Lives. 
How often do we post about the arguments we have with our partners? The bitching behind our "perfect" friendship group? Not very often. We capture and we write and we share and we exaggerate every little moment of our lives to point that people are wanting to be you, thriving for the relationship you have with your boyfriend just because you wrote a few nice words on social media. I'm not saying I don't do this - I have done - I still do. It's what seems natural in our technology-booming lives - we just want people to want to be like us - we want to be liked, literally.

Is anyone unique anymore? 
We post tweets that we've seen from someone else's twitter. We could be feeling down and we'll feel more down from someone else's tweet because it 'relates' to your situation. There is a certain criteria you have to meet now-a-days to be accepted by society and we all want to be like that. So where is our personality? Because I truly believe if we don't stop this we'll all be morphed into the same person - where's the fun in that?!

Who's heard of the term 'psycho girl'? Most people my age will have and most people will have been called one and most people will be one, apparently. But where did this stupid term come from? Social media. Did our parents and grandparents have the struggle of being a psycho girl or having a psycho girlfriend? Highly unlikely, because there was no social media back when they were dating. These days us girls have gained the mentality that our boyfriend speaking to another female is cheating, liking a photo is cheating - this isn't healthy, this is toxic and we need to stop it before the next generation take it further.

We're growing up too quickly
I'm seeing girls as young as 15 looking ridiculously old. Dressing like they're 25. Going out to clubs with fake ID. Being 'liked' by lads 15 years older than them and it's worrying! When I was 15 I was sneaking off to field parties with my mums bacardi in a water bottle - but these days kids are acting like adults, doing adult things and missing out on some of the most exciting years of their lives. I'd absolutely hate the idea of my nieces being 15 and going out clubbing looking 10 years older. Just enjoy your youth whilst you can - being an adult is stress, bills, long hours and more stress.

Toxic relationships
Going back to relationships. We're honestly envying online couples. How sad is it that we want a relationship that looks like an Instagram photo? Where is the love and where is the romance but most of all where is the privacy?! It's so easy these days to know whats going on in everyone's love life. A few years ago I posted SO much on my relationship and it was all a LIE. I wanted to be happy so I acted happy - I made out like I had the best relationship ever and it just wasn't. But the unhealthy thing is I had people JEALOUS of the relationship I was in and that honestly makes me sick because that just shows how powerful your online profile is over other young peoples lives.

Body envy
Instagram, the platform of beautiful, perfectly proportioned, tanned  goddesses. The amount of people I know that want to look like one of these girls is crazy (me being one of them), however 9/10 times their bodies and faces don't look like that. That stat was 100% not true, I haven't done a survey but my point is that a lot of these photos are edited. With all these apps that can make you look better - they're going to be used. Facetune wouldn't be about anymore if nobody used it. But us girls all seem to want to look the same - big bums, long legs, tanned skins and a flat tum.

We're all craving the bodies of girls that them, themselves don't have these bodies! We all know how to edit, we all know how to pose and we all seem to know the right angles.

Social media is killing the way we live. We're the generation that grew up with Furbies, Tamagotchis, Bratz dolls and Super Mario. We deserve more than being hooked to social media and damaging our mental health.

What's good? If it was all bad we wouldn't use it would we? I thought about this today and if I didn't have social media I wouldn't have met my boyfriend, I wouldn't have met my best mate Laura, I wouldn't have this blog, I wouldn't have raised a lot of money for climbing some mountains. It's a great place for discovery and it's a great place for people to discover you and what you offer - but it most certainly isn't everything you're about. It's a great place to look back at memories and it's a place to stay in touch with people from far away but don't allow it to keep you away from what's happening now. What would you see right now if you weren't looking at your screen? If I stayed on my phone the entire bus journey to work I'm sure I'd miss a few of the dogs I see - not worth it. See it as the front cover and the blurb of your book but don't let it be the full novel, save that. 

I aim to stop social media ruining my life from now on.

lots of love

p.s the image has no reference to the blog post, but I went to Croatia and I haven't wrote about it yet so it can be a teaser of what's yet to come. Ciao for now.